raster image of animate-elem-33-t

The purpose of this test is to test animateMotion with keyPoints and keyTimes.

The test consists of 4 sub-tests. Each test has a purple circle which moves along a path. The path is indicated with a dashed line and sample points where the circle should pass a certain position on the path is indicated with gray circles. On top of each gray circle is a number which indicates the passing time in seconds. In the cases where the purple circle should pass the gray circle two times the first passing time is written above the gray circle and the second passing time is written below.

Section 16.2.13 in the spec. states that a motion path is defined by the path attribute or by values or from/to attributes. So in the animateMotion case, values is just used for defining the motionPath and the number of values do not have to relate to the number of keyTimes.