raster image of animate-elem-218-t

xml:id or id? Identification of the element, that is target of an animation. For authors it is recommended not to use different for id and xml:id for the same element and not the same value for id in one element and the same value for xml:id in another element. This is done in this document only as a (stupid) test, not as an application.

The main indication for a failed test is the appearance of red or no animation after 2s.

Because for historical reasons, SVG tiny 1.2 has two fragment identifiers. It is recommended, that xml:id is used and not only id. As a consequence it is possible to have two different identifier values for one element. In such a case, id is skipped and only xml:id has to be choosen. In this test the height of the blue rectangle is set to another value. This is compared with a set animation of another red rectangle, having the same value for xml:id and id. The blue rectangle has to cover always the red one. If something red is visible, an error is occured.