raster image of struct-use-205-t

This test checks some aspects of the SVGElementInstance with regards to events.

Four blue rects should be visible at first. To run the test each rect must be clicked a minimum of two times. Once to run the basic test, and once to verify that the event handler was removed properly. The test has passed if after clicking all the rects two times or more there are four green rects with the word "Passed" on them. If anything red is visible or the text on any of the rects say "Failed" then the test has failed.

The top-left rect checks that correspondingUseElement and correspondingElement are returning the correct values, and also that the currentTarget isn't the same as target here.

The top-right rect checks that events bubble the correct way when SVGElementInstance is involved. It's almost the same as the first subtest, but uses another 'use' element.

The bottom-left rect doesn't use 'use' elements at all, it's to illustrate event bubbling in normal trees as compared to SVGElementInstance trees.

The bottom-right rect uses nested 'use' elements. The event handler 'nestedhandler' should be executed first, and will check some aspects of nested use elements. It will modify what it references, and that is checked in the 'h4' event handler.