raster image of interact-pevents-02-t

This test tests 'pointer-events' on text. Initially you should see four big rects with black stroke. In the uppermost rect there should be 10 'O':s with black fill. In the second rect from the top there should be 10 'O':s with no fill but with black stroke. In the third and fourth rects there should be no visible 'O':s at all. In the fourth rect there should be two green rects, and in each of the other three rects there should be one green rect.

Using the pointer device move the cursor over the rects all the rects from left to right. As the mouseover event triggers the 'O':s will become visible and marked in either green (a pass) or red (a fail).

The test has passed if after moving the cursor over all the rects: 1. all the 'O':s in the green rects have green fill 2. there are no red 'O':s visible 3. there are 9 green 'O':s in the first and second rect, 4 in the third rect and 6 in the fourth rect