From Tue Oct 11 13:41:05 1994
Article: 1854 of comp.groupware.lotus-notes.misc
From: (Christopher Davey)
Subject: Re: Mosaic -> Notes, Notes -> WWW ???
Date: Sun, 2 Oct 94 15:38:52 MET
Organization: IEunet Limited

I have written a Notes to Web Gateway. This is currently at version
0.1B. The file is called  It currently supports
interactive browsing of Notes databases, view navigation, and
document rendering, including support for inline images ( 8 bit color
and mono ) and embedded files.

I have uploaded this to, and hopefully it should be
available from there as soon as it makes it out of the submissions

I will be on holiday until 21st October, so in the meantime, 
happy surfing. Please mail all bug reports and wish-lists to - I don't promise to do anything about 
them, but I will read them all.

Chris Davey.