JEPI Scenarios

Shopping scenario : In each of the following scenarios, you will be shopping your next cellular phone from ARIX. You start by looking at the catalog. When you have selected your favorite model, you submit the order whereby the payment negotiation starts. When you and your merchant have agreed on a payment method, the order is processed, and you get an electronic confirmation of your order. Your new phone will be delivered to you the next day.

Pre-JEPI scene 1
No payment negotiation. The merchant only supports a single payment mechanism which you don't have. Too bad!
Pre-JEPI scene 2
No payment negotiation. Knowing that different customers use different payment systems, the merchant has decided to support as many payment systems as possible. That could be quite a long list !
Post-JEPI scene 1
An example with a minimum of UPP negotiation. The negotiation starts after the client submits an order. The merchant sends then the invoice along with payment options he supports. The demo contains detailed information about messages exchanged by the client and the server. This is the scene (to be) implemented by the JEPI prototype in Oct/Nov 96.
Post-JEPI scene 2
The negotiation starts earlier in this scene. The merchant sends payment options to the client along with the product catalog to avoid future client inquiries about payment systems.
Post-JEPI scene 3
With payment negotiation. When requesting the product catalog, the client also asks for payment options that the merchant supports. At the same time, the client announces one of his favorite payment systems to the merchant.
Post-JEPI scene 4
With payment negotiation. This scene is similar to Post-JEPI scene 1 and 2, but this time, the client does not support any of the payment systems suggested by the merchant. So, he comes up with a counter-offer.

NOTE: In all post-JEPI scenes, neither client nor merchant sends an exhaustive list of all payment systems he supports (compare pre-JEPI scene 2). He sends only a subset of payment systems that he believes that the other party might be interested in.

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