Electronic Commerce Interest Group Meeting

Wednesday, 3 September 1997
8:30am to 5:30pm
Brussels, Belgium

Electronic Commerce and Interoperability

Investigating opportunities for a common infrastructure.

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Electronic Commerce, with the World Wide Web as the infrastructure of the global information society, will almost certainly be the next major event in the history of the Web. Work on Electronic Commerce is proceeding at many levels in many different fora, from industry consortia to national and international standards organizations, to national and international regulatory and legal areas. This meeting is an opportunity for W3C member companies to advise the W3C staff on the appropriate role for the Consortium in this increasingly important and complex arena.

W3C's central focus is always on maintaining the interoperability of the Web, helping the Web evolve without fragmentation. Thus, the theme of this meeting is "Electronic Commerce and Interoperability." We have invited a number of speakers to provide up-to-the-minute background information about three areas:

With this background, there will be an opportunity for presentations by member companies on their own work. The afternoon will be devoted to a general discussion of possible roles for W3C, including (but not limited to):

This meeting is the second in a series of three Interest Group Meetings being held in Brussels. On Tuesday, the Security Interest Group will hear a presentation on RDF (Resource Description Framework) and certificate infrastructures that may be instructive to participants in the Electronic Commerce Interest Group. All meetings are open to members of the W3C.


8:30 Opening and introduction with coffee and pastries
The View from Europe
9:00 Keynote: Patrick Vittet-Philippe, European Commission
9:30 Status of Electronic Commerce (Charles Goldfinger / GEF; the presentation is members only)
10:00 MiniPay (Amir Herzberg / IBM Haifa Research Lab)
10:20 Millicent (Henri Gouraud / Digital Equipment)
10:40 Coffee Break
SmartCards and SET
11:00 SmartCards (Pierre Paradinas / Gemplus)
11:30 SET roll-out and future technical work (Jeff Hilt / VISA international)
Member Presentations and Discussion
12:00 Members invited to present without prior arrangement
Note: France Telecom gave an update on the e-Comm project (the presentation is members only)
13:00 Lunch Break
14:00 Three Groups rotating on three questions
15:30 Coffee Break
16:00 Plenary presentation about all three questions and discussion
17:30 Adjourn

Josef Dietl

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