MOOs and WWW

Who's interested in getting MOOs and MUDDs into the web and vice-versa? Here are a few pointers. Laso see

marcus@x4u.desy.de (Marcus Speh)


do you know anyone who's working on a MOO-WWW? Amy Bruckman from MIT told me maybe Joe Wang would, but I couldnt reach him -- I thought this would be an interesting possibility -- I am just about to enter the MediaMOO at MIT.


Larry Masinter.parc@xerox.com is interested in that sort of area, and has made a Gopher object within a MOO.

Later, Marcus:

things have developed faster than this...in the meantime, I have entered the board of Usenet University and work with Joseph. Also, there is a WWW prototype object at MediaMOO, and we're thinking about hooking tkWWW into it. If anyone is interested: there is a mailing list discussing these things (technology for a UU MOO): contact creilly@maths.tcd.ie to be included.


HyperMUD: Multi User Multi Modal Dialogue Systems by Stan P. van de Burgt