XML-DSig '99
W3C Signed XML Workshop

Kyle Austin
Keith Wiseman
Digital Signature Trust Co.


Digital Signature Trust Company (DST) is a provider of public key infrastructure.  DST has a wide range of clients from the technology, financial services, health care, government, and the automotive industries.  DST is vendor-agnostic and utilizes off-the-shelf technology products in addition to developing custom PKI solutions.

DST promotes the use of digital signatures in support of electronic commerce and is helping to create digital signature aware software applications. DST recognizes the importance of industry-wide security standards.  For a global public key infrastructure to function most efficiently, we must have interoperability between multiple digital signature solutions.  DST has always supported industry standards and provides, where possible, industry standard technology solutions.


Digital Signature Trust Co. (DST) has strong interest in the use of digital signatures in XML as it pertains to electronic commerce and the financial industry.  We would like to see standards formulated for signed XML so applications can be created around the technology.

DST is involved with the creation of electronic legal documents and is interested in applying signed XML to such documents.  Accordingly, we would like to see standards for multiple signatures on a document developed.  In addition to legal documents, we have an interest in representing financial transactions as signed XML.  We hope that through the use of standardized digital signatures we can utilize this technology on a global scale.

DST is excited to participate in XML-DSig not only to support the standardization effort but to promote the use of such standards through the development and support of applications for our large customer base which utilize the developed standards.