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Thank You, W3C Funders

W3C is deeply grateful to the organizations listed below for their current financial support. These grants, external contracts, and other funding outside Member dues support a variety of work at W3C, including Member-approved Activities (including Working Groups), W3C public communications, and W3C internal operations. They also help connect W3C to important communities and developments in emerging technologies and research.

W3C is the leading standards body for Web technology thanks to the support it receives from funders, W3C Members, the W3C Fellows Program, and contributions through Sponsorship and Donations.

W3C follows best practices relating to external funding at W3C that ensure transparency on the nature of activities funded outside of Member fees.

Summary of Current W3C Funding Sources Outside Member Dues

This is the list of current W3C funding sources outside Member dues. See below for details of current sources .

If you are participating in an EU Project, please see our documentation on participation in W3C by EU-funded projects.

If your organization wishes to join this list of funders, please contact the W3C Communications Team at w3t-pr@w3.org.

We would also like to thank the individuals who have worked diligently to secure this funding for W3C.

Details About Current Funding Sources

These are details about current W3C funding sources outside Member dues.

Funding name Funding source(s) Managed by Secured by Work supported Starts Ends
A Europe-wide Interoperable Virtual Research Environment to Empower Multidisciplinary Research Communities and Accelerate Innovation and Collaboration (VRE4EIC) European Union Dave Raggett Phil Archer SDSVoc Workshop Oct 2015 Sep 2018
Big Data Europe (BDE) European Union Rigo Wenning Phil Archer Permissions and Obligations Expression Working Group Jan 2015 Dec 2018
Create-IOT (Cross fertilsation through alignment, synchronisation and exchanges for IoT) European Union Dave Raggett Philipp Hoschka, Dave Raggett Web of Things Jan 2017 Dec 2019
WAI Sponsors WAI Sponsorship Judy Brewer Judy Brewer WAI Sep 1997 open
WAI-HSS-NIDILRR (WAI-HSS) HHS/NIDILRR Judy Brewer Judy Brewer Accessible Platform Architectures Working Group, Accessible Rich Internet Applications Working Group, Web Content Accessibility Guidelines Working Group, Education and Outreach Working Group Oct 2015 Sep 2020
WCAG TA Project (WCAG TA) U.S. Access Board Judy Brewer Judy Brewer Web Content Accessibility Guidelines Working Group, Education and Outreach Working Group Jun 2015 May 2020
ISA Programme European Union Rigo Wenning Phil Archer Development of vocabularies and profiles for greater interoperability in the public sector. Feb 2016 ongoing
SPECIAL European Union Rigo Wenning Rigo Wenning Tracking Protection January 2017 December 2019
Standards for Web Applications on Mobile: Current State and Roadmap Beihang Uiversity Angel Li Chunming Hu Mobile Web June 2017 August 2019