• 2015 -01-20 ( 20 JAN )
    The World Wide Web was conceived as a means of social interaction to share knowledge, and developed initially as a "Web of Documents", creating "islands of information". Now the Web is evolving towards a "Web of Data", in which machines can perform connection between the resources available on the web, thanks to the technological infrastructure of the Semantic Web. The basic technology is RDF (Resource Description Framework) which implements a totally decentralized mechanism to describe the relationships between the resources available on the Web. Therefore RDF allows you to publish data on the Web, making them available for remote queries, possibly involving data sources distributed on various sites, thus implementing the paradigm of Linked Open Data at its highest level. But the real glue of the Semantic Web are ontologies, designed as a formal representation of reality and knowledge representation mechanism in a distributed environment. The seminar will outline briefly the basic technologies of the Semantic Web and the principles of Linked Open Data.
  • 2015 -03-24 ( 24 MAR )

    Linked Open Data, Semantic Web, SKOS: questi (s)conosciuti (Linked Open Data, Semantic Web, SKOS: these (un)known)

    by Oreste Signore

    Workshop sul progetto ODINet - OnLine Data Integration Network
    (Workshop project ODINet - OnLine Data Integration Network)

    Pisa, Italy

    Relevant technology area: Semantic Web .

    Basic concepts of Linked Open Data, Semantic Web and SKOS. Just an introduction.


  • 2014 -11-27 ( 27 NOV )

    La plateforme ouverte du Web, Fondements des applications puissantes

    by Najib Tounsi

    Salon Med-IT One to One
    (Med-IT Exhibition One to One)

    Palais des Congrès, Skhirat, Morocco

    La plate-forme Web ouverte (Open Web Plateform) est un ensemble de technologies pour développer des applications distribuées avec une interopérabilité optimum. HTML5 amené au statut de recommandation W3C, est un moment déterminant dans le développement de cette plateforme. Cet exposé porte sur la Plate-forme ouverte de Web avec HTML5 et sur les nouvelles tendances et les projets avenirs au W3C.


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