W3C German-Austrian Office celebrates HTML5-Day 2011

The W3C German-Austrian Office celebrates the HTML5-Day 2011 on 23 November. In a one day tutorial held at the Berlin Theseus Innovation center, we will expand on background and goals of HTML5, technical basics, HTML5 and Web architecture. In addition, many new features will be demonstrated via a variety of examples. Registration is required and the number of participants is limited. Please register by 16. November 2011.

Inria Hosts First W3C Office in France

21 September 2011 — To strengthen its relations with industry and research activities in France and Europe, the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) announces today the opening of a W3C Office in France, hosted by Inria (French National Computer Science Research Institute). To mark the launch, the Office is organizing a session on Open Data at the Open World Forum on 22 September in Paris, in cooperation with Inria and Paris City Hall.

“Inria has a longstanding commitment to the development of free software and open standards,” said Prof. Michel Cosnard, Inria Chairman and CEO. “We have supported W3C’s mission since the inception of the Consortium in 1994, notably by hosting W3C’s European branch”.

One of the Office’s primary activities will be to promote participation by French industry and research leaders in W3C standardization activities. “Through W3C Membership,” said Bernard Odier, manager of the new Office, “industry representatives can do more than follow the rapid evolution of the Web, they can lead it. The W3C environment fosters innovation and creates opportunities for business partnerships. I look forward to working with French companies and research labs to enrich the W3C environment of innovation.”

“We are particularly pleased that Inria, our longtime ally, will be the home of the first France Office,” added Dr. Jeff Jaffe, W3C CEO. “Research and Industry are closely linked when it comes to the development of Web standards. Through its industry relations in France and Europe, Inria is ideally positioned to help W3C achieve its objectives.”

The promotional and recruiting activities of the Office, located in Paris, will complement the technical activities carried out by the W3C staff located elsewhere in France (Sophia Antipolis).

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New technical staff in the W3C Spain Office

Cristian Alvarez W3C welcomes Cristian Alvarez as a new staff member of the W3C Spain Office. Cristian, a strong advocate of Web standards, will be in charge of the technical issues within the Office. He has a Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science (University of Oviedo). Before joining the W3C Spain Office, he worked as a developer in R&D departments in the steel industry, researching into computational optimization algorithms.

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HTML5FEST – The Israeli Web Community conference – October 25th 2011

HTML5FEST – The Israeli Web Community conference – October 25th 2011
The Israeli W3C office is hosting HTML5FEST – a central conference for professional web developers, as well web product mangers, designers, students, educators, local and national government representatives.

HTML5FEST will take place on October 25th 2011, in Kfar Maccabiah Convention center, Ramat Gan, Israel. See conference agenda here (Hebrew): http://www.w3c.org.il/HTML5fest.

The conference is composed of three parallel tracks:

* Mobile Web
* Browser & Desktop Apps
* Web in local and national government

Main speakers:

* Professional front end developers from Israeli companies and start-ups, including: Netcraft, Sela Group, WebsPlanet, Cofounder, Conduit, Worklight, DoAT.
* Dr. Yesha Sivan, head of W3C office Israel – Chair.
* J. Alan Bird, Global Business Development Leader, W3C.
* Eyal Reshef, Founder & CEO at IMA – Israel Mobile Association (chair – Mobile web)
* Zohar Arad, Freelance front-end architect (chair – Browser & Desktop Apps)
* Shuky Peleg, Information Security Manager at Tehila (chair – Local and national government)
* Zohar Sharon – CIO, municipality of Tel-Aviv.

App contrasts
One of the conference highlights will be the announcement of the HTML5FEST app contest winners, A HTML5 web apps development contests (Hebrew details: w3c.org.il/appcontest(.w3c.org.il/HTML5fest)

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A new OFFICES page!


We have a new look and feel for the Team Offices page that I think you will find far more functional than the previous version.  Many thanks to Jean-Gui for doing this work during the recent W3C Geek Week!

I have added a page to the Offices Wiki that will guide you on adding YOUR key activities to this page.  If you have any questions or comments please don’t hesitate to contact me!

J. Alan Bird

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Second Semantic Meetup with the W3C Benelux Office

Ivan Herman giving his talkOn november 24 the second semantic meetup with the W3C Benelux Office took place in Amsterdam. This time it was located at Mediamatic. Among the speakers was Ivan Herman who presented “Some of the newest SW technologies at W3C: RDFa1.1 and R2ML”. Other topics were about careers, practical use of Semantic Web technology in publishing and legal information retrieval. After the presentations there was time for informal discussions supported by food and drinks. The participants enjoyed the easy athmosphere of the event and the discussions as documented by a quote from a participant: “meetups are fun, but informal meetups are even more fun.”

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W3C India Workshop on Internationalization of E-governance Applications” report published

India Office manager Swaran Lata with speakers The W3C India Office has published a report on the “W3C India Workshop on Internationalization of E-governance Applications” held in August 2010. The event was organized in cooperation with Opera software. The event addressed topics specific to India an many other developing countries like the problem of last mile connectivity and reaching the larger section of society due to limited availability of web based services with local language support. One building stone in resolving such problems are the W3C internationalization best practices coupled with other W3C standards. Because of last mile problem mobile technologies play also an important role when trying to reach the citizens with e-government services. Also see news item.

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W3C Hungary Office announces HTML5 event

The W3C Office Hungary is organizing a one-day event on HTML5 on 28th October 2010. Invited guest speaker is Michael Smith from W3C Keio host. People are invited to deliver a lecture or presentation, in case they have an interesting topic or project related to either HTML5 or other W3C technologies. Participation is free, but needs advance registration. Conference languages are Hungarian and English.

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W3C Brazil Office opens Café Semântico

Ivan Herman in the Café Semântico In the tradition of its Café com Browser the W3C Brasil Office opened the Café Semântico on October 15th. Speaker was Ivan Herman, W3C Semantic Web Activity lead. 30 participants gathered in th eCafé and more than 120 participated remotely on the Web. Participants were very actively commented and raised questions on twitter (@w3cbrasil, #cafecombrowser, #cafewithbrowser, #cafesemantico) and in the live chat. Ivan herman presented the basic concepts of Semantic Web, examples and the technologies behind and under them. This presentation will be available in video in the W3C Brazil Office web site. Slides are already available.

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W3C Brazil Web Conference a success

Paul Cotton on Web.br As reported before the W3C Brasil Office held the second edition of W3C Brazil Web Conference, on October 5 and 6, in Belo Horizonte. About 200 attendees had the opportunity of talking about the future of the Web with W3C special guests. Paul Cooton, co-chair of W3C HTML Working Group and Microsoft Partner Group manager, addressed the future of HTML 5. His presence was timely perfect to clarify the great repercussion on news headlines to not deploy HTML 5. Noshir Contractor, professor at Northeastern University, USA, addressed the researches on the social network lificycle. Fernanda Viegas, a Brazilian researcher at Google, in Cambridge, USA, gave a a vibrant talk on the Web.

The Web Conference has more than 30 speakers that covered themes like Web and goverment, Web and community, Web and business. For the first time, this conference of colocated with the Brazilian Society of Computing Science Conferences which provided great synergy to particiants of both events. All presentation will be available on video and slides in the W3C Brasil web site.

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