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The process for becoming a W3C Office is as follows:

  1. Ensure that you fulfill the criteria laid down for an Office (Vendor Neutral, Contributing W3C Member, Established Network of Contacts).
  2. Check your finances. The Offices receive between 15 and 40% of the membership fees paid by W3C members in their respective region/country during the first three years of their membership (the exact amount depends on the date when the member joins W3C: 40% for the first year, 20% for the second, and 15% for the third).
  3. Contact the Coordinator of Offices at W3C to see if there is an interest at W3C in establishing an office in your country or region. If the interest is there, he/she will guide you through the rest of the steps to follow.
  4. If you are not yet a W3C member, you should join W3C ASAP…
  5. Prepare a Business Plan and Proposal indicating the need for an Office in the region, and why you should become the W3C Office:

    Please submit your proposal in XHTML or a series of XHTML files. You can either store these files on your site (if you want to store the file(s) on your site with a password protection to ensure confidentiality, that is fine) or send the file(s) to the Coordinator of Offices. Add links to, eg, the companies and institutions you list as potential members, as well as to other documents and sites that you might consider important for the bid.

  6. Visit of the Coordinator of Offices (and, usually, another representative of the W3C Staff) on site
  7. Review by the W3C Management (with possible further questions from the W3C Management to be settled either by email or a possible phone conference)
  8. Decision by the W3C Management
  9. Administrative steps (review of the contracts by lawyers, setting up local staff, etc)
  10. Official announcement of the new Office and the organization of an opening event, including keynotes by W3C Staff members

Becoming a W3C Office may be an important step for your institution. Although the Coordinator of Offices of W3C will do his/her best to help you in making this decision, it may be useful to contact existing W3C Office staff members who will be happy to give you additional advise and tell you about their experiences. You can find their contact information on the separate offices' staff page. There are also links from the Offices' home page giving a short description on each office and their hosting institution.

J. Alan Bird, Coordinator of W3C Offices (abird@w3.org)
(originally from: Ivan Herman, former Head of W3C Offices (Ivan@w3.org))
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