Fifth International World Wide Web Conference

May 6-10, Paris, France

Workshops: Call For Participation

The Networked Computer Science Technical Reports Library: policy and technology issues of federated digital libraries

The experience of NCSTRL in building a distributed collection of technical reports raises issues of technology, metadata, and intellectual property that will be of interest to any organization wishing to make multi-format collections available over the Web.

Latest Information

The latest information concerning the workshop: position papers, attendees, detailled program, will be made available by the workshop chairman at the following URL:



Workshop Committee

Thomas Baker (Chair)
GMD - German National Research Center for Information Technology
ERCIM - European Research Consortium for Informatics and Mathematics
Email: baker@gmd.de


The Networked Computer Science Technical Reports Library (NCSTRL) is an international collaborative effort with three goals: to make available a distributed collection of computer science technical reports from universities and research laboratories; to provide a framework for demonstrating and testing digital library technology; and to explore the intellectual property issues of federated digital libraries. Its current system is an outgrowth of the ARPA-supported Computer Science Technical Reports project and of the NSF-supported WATERS effort. ERCIM has recently joined NCSTRL and is developing extensions to the system. The NCSTRL system links distributed, heterogeneous servers using an open protocol. Currently, over 35 North American and European organizations have content servers. With endorsement from the Computing Research Association (CRA) in the U.S. and the participation of ERCIM in Europe, the NCSTRL collection is expected to grow. While NCSTRL focuses on the computer science domain, the technology and policy issues are of broader relevance. This workshop is especially relevant for organizations wishing to make multi-format collections available over the Web.

Speakers and demonstrators:

Position papers

We want to attract representatives of small organizations interested in publishing their grey literature on the Web. In their position papers (one to three pages in ASCII, submitted via email to baker@gmd.de), applicants should describe their organization and summarize their organization's experience with and plans for digital publishing. Preference will be given to organizations that have already tried some form of publishing on the Web and wish to tackle more advanced technological and legal issues.

baker@gmd.de, Tom Baker, Workshop Organizer
Last updated: April 14, 1996