The Press Area


Fifth International World Wide Web Conference

May 6-10, 1996, Paris, France

Media Accreditation Procedure

[]Only editorial staff may be accredited. For TV crews, only the journalist and director will receive accreditation. Accompanying staff (sound engineers, cameramen, support staff, etc.) will receive a laissez-passer.

[]Film and video production companies cannot be accredited as journalists and filming must be authorized by INRIA.

[]All others, such as management, marketing or advertising executives of newspapers/magazines, researchers, engineering staff of broadcasting/TV stations, etc. are considered visitors and cannot be granted press credentials.

[]The accreditation form should be returned with either a photocopy of a valid press card OR a letter of accreditation from the Editor-in-Chief (or the News Editor for radio/TV) OR a recent copy of the page of the magazine/newspaper/generic of the TV/radio programme which provides the names of regular editorial staff and contributors and which lists your name.

[]Applicants will be notified when their press accreditation has been accepted. Press passes will be available from the Conference Press Centre at CNIT.

[]The completed accreditation form should be returned to:

Fifth International World Wide Web Conference - PRESS OFFICE
Jackie Phillips
Andrew Lloyd & Associates, Ltd.
Brighton Business Center
95 Ditchling Road
Brighton BN1 4ST
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 1273 675 100
Fax: +44 1273 675 400


Created: 19 March 1996
Last updated: 21 March 1996