Human Information Interaction (HII)
The Human Side of the Web

Coordinator: Nahum Gershon

This page is for planning a birds-of-a-feather meeting for the WWW4 conference on the topic of Human Information Interaction (HII). HII is concerned with how human beings interact with, relate to, and process information (e.g., browsing, finding out what they want, finding where it is, extracting relevant information, associative & thinking processes, how to foster creativity).

Objective: Improve the way users find, interact with, and understand information in Internet resources and other information resources.

Some frustrations at the WWW information cemeteries:

Other items for discussion: Suggestions for additions are welcome

If you are attending the conference and would like to join in a session like this, or have just happened by and have some interest in the subject, please contact me by e-mail at gershon@mitre.org.

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