Classifying Internet Objects

F. Luís Neves and José N. Oliveira

Dep. Informática, Universidade do Minho
4700 Braga, Portugal


Navigation across the Internet may be an arduous task because of the absence of a classification scheme for the enormous amount of information available through billions of UNIFORM RESOURCE LOCATORs (URLs). The bookmark and history mechanisms, which are available in Internet browsers such as NETSCAPE and MOSAIC, try to help the users throughout the Internet world.

This paper presents a new approach for this problem based on the reuse methodology developed in the SOUR project. Internet links are seen as reusable objects, stored and maintained in a generalize/specialize structure based on a comparison-metrics algorithm. On the implementation side, SOUR is extended by making use of the NETSCAPE's OLE AUTOMATION and DDE interprocess communication mechanisms which allows a third party application to remotely control the NETSCAPE Navigator client.

F. Luís Neves and José N. Oliveira , "Classifying Internet Objects" in WWW National Conference'95, Minho University, Braga, Portugal