An exhibition area will be available, provided by DCI. For more information, please see DCI's Exhibitor Page.

Platinum Marketing Co-Sponsors

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Platinum Marketing Co-Sponsor
Piscataway, NJ

As a leading provider of communications software and consulting services based on world-class research, Bellcore creates business solutions that make information technology work for telecommunications carriers, businesses and governemts worldwide. Bellcore's unique combination of network, software and business process expertise and experience enables us to provide solutions that meet our customers' tactical and strategic business needs. For innovative and comprehensive networking solutions, speak to Bellcore, the worldwide information industry's first choice.

Platinum Marketing Co-Sponsor
Digital Equipment Corporation
Maynard, MA

Digital is a leader and innovator in Internet technology. In booth number 11 you will see technology that revolutionizes the way companies do business:

Platinum Marketing Co-Sponsor
Eastman Kodak
Rochester, NY

Eastman Kodak Company offers products and services for the full range of capture, scanning, storage, and printing for images and other information in web applications. The exhibition will include interactive demonstrations of the ability to zoom into high resolution image data using Photo CD starting images, with "real time" response on the web, and a capability for digital library indexing cataloging and retrieval of images and information from the web.

Platinum Marketing Co-Sponsor
IBM Corporation
Boca Raton, FL

Long before the hype began, IBM was instrumental in the development of the Internet. Today IBM continues to provide advanced technology to the NSFnet, a primary Internet backbone. Technology is just the beginning of the Internet story, however, as IBM rolls out a comprehensive portfolio of hardware, software, consulting and services -- and one of the world's largest integrated data, voice and video networks -- to help people harness the Internet's vast resources. From digitizing content in the Vatican Library to providing the multimedia technology and hardware to connect school children in classrooms around the world, IBM has an exciting and powerful Internet story to tell.

Platinum Marketing Co-Sponsor
Rocquencourt, France

European host of the W3 consortium, with MIT, to take over the development and promotion of the WWW, the French National Institute for Research in Computer Science and Control will present its most recent Web research and application projects.

Platinum Marketing Co-Sponsor
Lotus Development Corporation
Cambridge, MA

Lotus' InterNotes family of products enables organizations to tap the global reach and information wealth of the Internet -- by leveraging the collaborative power of Lotus Notes groupware. InterNotes Web Publisher quickly publishes Notes documents to the Web by automatically translating them into HTML. InterNotes Web Publisher 2.0 adds new interactively features, including forms and search, to let users of standard Web browsers interact directly with Notes applications. InterNotes News, a Notes server application, provides managed access to Internet newsgroups, directly from the Notes desktop.

Platinum Marketing Co-Sponsor
Microsoft, Inc.
Redmond, WA

Microsoft is leading the evolution of business and personal computing with a commitment to innovation that is evident in a full range of desktop applications and operating systems. Highlights include a new generation of Internet applications and technologies including the Microsoft Internet Explorer, the Internet Assistant for Microsoft Word and the additional server and publishing technologies to be demonstrated at our booth.

Platinum Marketing Co-Sponsor
Online Computer Library Center
Dublin, OH

OCLC Online Computer Library Center, Inc., a Dublin, Ohio-based worldwide information services organization, is actively involved in work central to the future of the World Wide Web: governance (IETF, W3C); standards (Z39.50, URN); imaging; information discovery, retrieval and delivery; and demonstration systems. And today, OCLC's Site Search family of products provides organizations with practical Web-based information solutions.

Platinum Marketing Co-Sponsor
O'Reilly & Associates, Inc.
Sebastopol, CA

O'Reilly & Associates is recognized worldwide for its definitive books on the Internet and UNIX, and, more recently for its development of online content such as the Global Network Navigator (GNN) and award winning software WebSite.

Platinum Marketing Co-Sponsor
SoftQuad Inc.
Toronto, Canada

SoftQuad Inc. will be demonstrating the new HoTMetaL PRO 2.0, the industry leading HTML word processor for the WWW. HoTMetaL PRO 2.0's improved user interface and enhanced feature set gives Web publishers more power, flexibility and control of the creation of their Web documents.

In addition SoftQuad will be showing Panorama PRO, the first SGML browser for viewing SGML documents on the World Wide Web.

Platinum Marketing Co-Sponsor
Spyglass, Inc.
Naperville, IL

Spyglass, Inc. is a leading provider of customizable technologies for the World Wide Web. The company's principal product is Spyglass Mosiac, client technology for accessing the WWW. The Spyglass Server manages and controls access to information stored at WWW databases or sites. Spyglass' Web technology is featured in products from companies such as AT&T, Digital Equipment Corporation, IBM, Microsoft and Oracle.

Platinum Marketing Co-Sponsor
Sun Microsystems
Mountain View, CA

Java, from Sun Microsystems is the first language to provide a comprehensive solution to address the challenges of programming for the Internet, providing portability, security, advanced networking and robustness without compromising performance. HotJava, which gives users the responsiveness and rich media of a CD-ROM and the infinite extensibility of the Internet, uses the Java language to expand the capabilities of current browsers by allowing the downloading of small software programs.

Platinum Marketing Co-Sponsor
Video On Line
Cagliari, Italy

Video On Line is a multi-lingual and multi-cultural Internet based on-line service. It has developed a complete package (the VOLcase) for running Internet service and offers operators all over the world the opportunity to be part of a global network of on-line services, while preserving their local identities, truly a "local on-line all over the world."

Gold Marketing Co-Sponsor
Bay Networks, Inc.
Billerica, MA

Bay Networks, Inc. the merged company of Synoptics and Wellfleet, is a leading supplier of a full range of highly available, multiprotocol routers, intelligent hubs, high speed switches, and sophisticated network management products for organizations building enterprise-wide information networks.

Gold Marketing Co-Sponsor
Black Sun Interactive
Black Sun Interactive
Munich, Germany

Black Sun Interactive develops cyberspace technology products: tools to enable multi-user 3D webwork. Client/Server systems from Black Sun give cyberworld developers the tools to build environments that cyberworld visitors find easy, productive (and fun!) to use.

Our mission:
to enable the creation of cyberspace communities: places that matter in people's lives, where they can work and play together.
Our role:
to create products that give people ideas, and to support them in making those ideas real.

Gold Marketing Co-Sponsor
GC Tech Inc.
New York, NY

GC Tech, the Globe Online and Globe ID Technology Company, is a member of the WWW Consortium and contributes to the Internet Engineering Task Force standardization efforts on Internet payment systems. It's business is to develop technology solutions for secure payment systems and intermediation services on the Internet. GC Tech originated the Globe Online project approximately 12 months ago and constitutes its technological arm. The GC Tech team has developed the technical platform on which the Globe Online system relies. It has developed and registered a unique, secure electronic payment system which is used by Globe Online.

Gold Marketing Co-Sponsor
Lycos, Inc.
Marlboro, MA

Lycos Inc. operates as a free public service to the Internet, The Catalog of the Internet. By far the largest and most complete guide to the Internet, with over 10 million URLs, the Lycos Catalog of the Internet includes not only web pages but also executable programs on FTP sites, multimedia files, images, and other non-textual data. In addition, Lycos includes the Point Reviews - ratings and reviews of the top sites on the World Wide Web, as well as Point Now, with breaking news stories and features. Lycos also includes the Lycos 250, a listing of the top 250 web sites by popularity. With millions of users worldwide, Lycos is one of the most heavily used sites on the Web. Lycos plans to preview some new visualizations of its catalog, as well as new features available to its users.

Gold Marketing Co-Sponsor
Vermeer Technologies, Inc.
Cambridge, MA

Vermeer Technologies is the developer of FrontPage, the first client/server visual web publishing environment. FrontPage allows non-programmers and professional web developers alike to create and maintain sophisticated, interactive web sites without programming. And, with its client/server architecture, FrontPage allows creation and authoring of web sites from local and/or remote servers.

Created 21 Aug 1995
Last updated 01 Dec 1995