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- 4TH Joint European Networking Conference -

Trondheim, Norway, May 10-13, 1993


Preliminary Programme (version 1.2)

Monday, May 10

01			14:00-15:00	Opening Session
			Welcome Addresses			
			Keynote Address: Horst Huenke - CEC, Counsellor DG XIII-C		

02			15:30-17:30	Building The European Research Network: Alternative Views 
A number of speakers, involved with strategic and political aspects of
international networking, will address the following question: 
"If you could build European Academic Networking from scratch - 
how would you do it?"

Tuesday, May 11

03A		9:00-10:30		Design Cornerstones of the US National Research and
Education Network (NREN)
- 	NSFNet Evolution Plans / Jane Caviness - National Science Foundation, US
- 	NREN Research Directions / Paul Mockapetris - DARPA, US
- 	Using ATM/SONET for the Scientific Community / Tony Villasenor - NASA,

03B		9:00-10:30		Lower Layer Protocols
- 	The European CLNS Pilot / Victor Reijs - SURFnet, NL		
- 	Experiences with the DQDB-pilot at the Leibniz-Rechenzentrum (LRZ) in
Munich / Victor Apostolescu - LRZ, Germany		
- 	XTP over ATM /Ingvild Sorteberg & Oivind Kure - Norwegian Telecom
Research, Norway		

03C		9:00-10:30		Working Group Session

04A		11:00-12:30	New European Infrastructure:  A Status Report
- 	The Operational Unit / Klaus Ullmann - Chairman OU Steering Ctee, DFN,
- 	EBONE / Frode Greisen - EBONE General Manager, UNI-C, Denmark		
- 	EUROPAnet - The implications of a multi-protocol backbone / Dai Davies -
Director COSINE Project Management Unit, NL		

04B		11:00-12:30	Security Services
- 	Implementing and Proving Security Services for the RARE/COSINE Community
/ M. Purser & S. Barry - Baltimore Technologies, Ireland	
- 	Piloting Applications of Security Services / Peter Kirstein et al -
University College London, UK		
- 	Piloting Security Services for German University Administrations / M.
Pattloch et al - DFN, Germany	

04C		11:00-12:30	Working Group Session

05A		14:00-15:30	Policy, Funding &  Legal Issues
- 	SuperJANET - The Gestation of a High Performance National Research
Network / Bob Cooper - Joint Network Team, UK		
- 	EZ-REMOTE Service Benefits and Costs / Martyne M. Hallgren - Cornell
University, US
-	 Directory Services and Privacy Issues / Erik Huizer et al - SURFnet,

05B 		14:00-15:30	Multimedia Services and Support
- 	Service and Protocol Implications of Multimedia Support in BISDN /
Flavio Bonomi et al - AT&T Bell Laboratories, US		
- 	Piloting of Multimedia Services / Peter Kirstein et al - UCL, UK		
- 	Using X.400 for Document Delivery / Bill Tuck - IT Research Consultant,
05C 		14:00-15:30	Global Interconnection and Coordination
- 	GIX - The Global Internet Exchange / Bernhard Stockman - Royal Institute
of	Technology, Sweden		
- 	The RIPE NCC: A Year of Experience with European Internet Coordination /
Daniel Karrenberg et al - RIPE NCC, NL	
- 	Policy Routing and Type of Service Routing: What are the Users'
Requirements and what can we provide them with?/ R. Najmabadi Kia & Bernard
Sales	- Universite Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium	

06A		16:00-17:30 	Support for the Development of User Communities
- 	Reaching out to the End-user: Applications, Services and Support / Erik
Huizer et al - SURFnet, NL		
- 	A Review of the Commercial Internet in Europe / Peter Dawe - PIPEX, UK		

06B		16:00-17:30	Accessing and Using the Directory
- 	X.500 for Non-Technical Users / T. Plagemann & B. Plattner - ETH Zurich,
- 	Information System using OSI Directory Service / Shigeki Yoshida -
University of Tokyo, Japan	
- 	A Hierarchical Directory based X.400 MHS Server / Hossam Afifi - INRIA,
06C		16:00-17:30	Working Group Session

Wednesday, May 12

07A		14:00-15:30	New User Communities and Services
- 	The UNINETT SAMSON project 1992 / Peter Hausken - University of Oslo,
- 	MUNIN - A System for Distance Education and Remote Collaboration based
on Real Time Multimedia Communication over IP Networks / Geir Pedersen - University of Oslo, Norway		
- 	WAN to the Home: Data Communication over CATV Networks / Ton Verschuren
- SURFnet, NL		

07B		14:00-15:30	Using the Directory for Network Management
- 	Mapping Communication Networks in the Directory / Glenn Mansfield et al
- AIC Systems Laboratory, Japan	
- 	Large Scale Network Management Databases in X.500 / Peter Sylvester - 
INRIA, France	
- 	Accessing and Managing DNS Information in the X.500 Directory / Antonio
Costa et al - Universidade do Minho, Portugal		

07C		14:00-15:30	Working Group Session

08A		16:00-17:30	Network Operation and Management
- 	The OSI based management approach to integration of management systems
in multi-protocol LANs. A case study / M. Stroinski et al - Technical
University Poznan, Poland		
- 	NLMP: an Architecture for the OSI Lower Layers Management / M. Colin & 
Bernard Sales - ULB, Belgium		
- 	Monitoring EARN Networking Services / Daniele Bovio & Gregory Lloyd -
EARN,	France		

08B		16:00-17:30	Networks in Support of Mobility 
- 	Reaching Off-Campus and Mobile Users / Jim Morrison - Open University,
- 	Comparison of Mobile Host Protocols for IP / Andrew Myles - Macquirie
University, Australia		
- 	The Problem of Providing Continuous Network Access for Mobile Hosts
Using the Internet Protocol (IP) / Charles E. Perkins - IBM, US		

08C		16:00-17:30	Working Group Session

Thursday, May 13

09A		9:00-10:30		Network Operation
- 	OSI Packet Filtering Study / Walter Lazear - The Mitre Corp., US		
- 	Study of Network Dynamics / Dheeraj Sanghi et al - University of
Maryland, US
- 	A Fairness Analysis of LAN/WAN Protocol Relays / Edmundo Monteiro et al
-  Universidade do Coimbra, Portugal
09B		9:00-10:30		Quality of Service Definition and Measurement
- 	Design and Utilization of a SNMP: Monitoring Language for X.400 
Management / Jean-Francois Paccini et al - Universite de Geneve,
- 	COSINE MHS Performance Statistics - Service Measurements and Network
Management of a Pan-European Messaging System /	Jim Romaguera - NetConsult
AG / COSINE MHS Project Team, Switzerland		
- 	TCP/IP Performance on Supernett / Olav Kvittem - SINTEF DELAB, Norway		

10			11:00-12:30	Evolution of Existing Networks
-	IP Version 7 / Bob Hinden - Sun Microsystems Inc., US		
- SuperJanet: Applications / John Dyer - Joint Network Team, UK 		

11			12:30-12:45	Closing Session
- 	Closing Address / Bernhard Plattner		


At the Conference there will be a demonstration area where participants may
visit a number of stands to see displays and demonstrations of various
projects and applications of network services for the academic community. 


During the conference, a poster wall will be available for the display of
posters covering a topic of common interest to the participants.
Participants are invited to submit a poster of one or two A-4 pages,
presenting their project. Posters must be handed in at the reception desk
not later than Monday May 10, in the evening. They must contain a clear
indication of the author's name and affiliation. The Programme Committee
will select the two best posters, taking into account the quality of the
project, its presentation and the interest to the networking community. One
author from each of the two selected projects will be offered free
admission to next year's conference. 


Stream C in the conference programme will be dedicated to RARE Working
Groups. During these sessions Working Groups will briefly introduce their
current activities. Furthermore a number of presentations related to
Working Group subjects will be presented.


This year for the first time tutorials will be organized. Tutorials will be
held at the end of the Conference, on Thursday afternoon and Friday
morning. The following tutorials are scheduled (in parallel):

"Protocols for Distributed Computing over Gigabit Networks". 				
David J. Farber, Univ. of Pennsylvania, Guru M. Parulkar, Washington Univ.
in St. Louis, US.

"X.400 : its evolution until nowadays, and its current trends". 
Olivier Paridaens, Universite Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium. 

"SNMP Overview". 
Daniel Karrenberg, RIPE-NCC, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. 

"Managing TCP/IP Network under UNIX". 
Suleyman Kondakci, Centre for Information Technology, University of Oslo,

"ISODE - The ISO Development Environment". Michael Mueller, Gesellschaft
fur Mathematik & Datenverarbeitung, St. Augustin, Germany. 

If you are interested to attend one of the tutorials please register as
soon as possible. Please note that tutorials are not included in the
conference programme and that a fee of NOK 1200 per tutorial has to be paid

The conference will be held at the main campus of the Norwegian Institute
of Technology, which is located at about 15 minutes walking distance from
the Trondheim city centre. Banks, post office, stores, restaurants and a
travel agency are all located on the campus.

In May in Trondheim the weather is usually pleasant. Temperature may vary
between 8-15 degrees C. Rainy days may occur.


Trondheim Airport has direct flights to Copenhagen and Stockholm and
further connections to European and overseas destinations. There are
frequent domestic flights between Trondheim and the international airports
in Oslo, Bergen and Stavanger.

Travelling by train within Norway gives an excellent opportunity for
sightseeing, and Norwegian trains are of high standard. The train journey
over the mountains from Oslo to Trondheim takes approx. 7 hours. An
interesting alternative is to travel to Trondheim by coastal boat from
Bergen, a journey of approximately 30 hours along the rugged Norwegian
coastline.  Your travel agent, or any SAS travel agency, can supply you
with full details on travel to Trondheim.

Special conference discount rates for travel by air within Scandinavia may
be obtained. Participants can contact Flyspesialisten, Unit Travel Agency, 
tel: +47 7 59 67 44 for more information.


Concert and Reception -  Monday, May 10, 19.00 
You are invited to attend a concert in Nidaros cathedral. Following the
concert, the Mayor of Trondheim invites you to a reception at the
Archbishop's Residence, which dates back to the 12th Century. The
Archbishop who lived there was Olav Engelbrektsson who was forced to flee
from the city in 1537, but the charming and elegant residence has been
- Free of charge

Gala Dinner - Tuesday, May 11, 19.30 
We invite you to try the very best of our regional cooking at the gala
dinner. Traditional dishes using prime Norwegian salmon, trout, reindeer,
hart and game will be served. During the dinner you will be able to enjoy
the nice company of friends and colleagues, as well as some regional
- Participants: free of charge / accompanying persons: NOK 600

Hiking in Bymarka - Wednesday, May 12, 19.30 
A natural wilderness within the city limits, Bymarka is a paradise for
joggers, hikers and skiers. You and your fellow "hikers", accompanied by a
guide, will find trails for all levels of proficiency and then round off
the evening with a meal at a mountain lodge. Transport both ways between
town center and hiking area will be provided. 
- Charge: NOK 310

Munkholmen Island - Wednesday, May 12, 19.30 
Seafood dinner will be served on the historic island of Munkholm, just
outside Trondheim. Once a monastery, the island became a prison after the
Reformation. Nowadays it is a popular bathing spot.
- Charge: NOK 290

Thursday 13 May - Saturday 15 May

Sheltered from the ocean among countless islands on the Northwest coast of
Norway, approximately 5 hours by bus from Trondheim, lies the fishing
village of Haaholmen. Haaholmen has both old and new fishermen's huts with
modern conveniences for its guests. Staying in these real coastal
surroundings you can enjoy life on the quay or join in fishing trips and
excursions. Haaholmen is owned by Ragnar Thorseth from Her y in Norway - a
modern Viking. Mr. Thorseth is internationally known for his
round-the-world expedition in the Viking ship Saga Siglar. Originally, the island was owned
by his grandfather.  

The fishing village Haaholmen has long traditions as a "meeting point" for
people travelling along the Northwest coast. The village is now re-created
as a unique holiday paradise. Excellent kitchen naturally specializes in
delicious seafood. At the quayside you can hire lots of different boats,
such as rowing boats, motorboats and sailing boats as well as fishing

Leaving Trondheim on Thursday 13 May at 15.00, we travel by coach to the
town of Kristiansund. From here we go by boat along the coast to Haaholmen.
Dinner will be served. On Friday we will explore the island of Bjoernsund,
located on the South of Haaholmen. Dinner will be served on Haaholmen. We
are leaving Haaholmen after breakfast on Saturday, and you will be back in
Trondheim on Saturday afternoon.

It is necessary to bring warm clothes, rainwear and good shoes/boots.
Transport, accommodation, meals and guide service are all included in the

- Charge: NOK 3800 per person


A special programme has been arranged for accompanying persons in addition
to the general social programme. Accompanying persons are invited to attend
the concert and reception on Monday, May 10, free of charge. All other
social events, as well as the Gala Dinner, must be registered and paid for
separately. Please indicate on the registration form which events you wish
to attend.

- Sightseeing in Trondheim - Monday, May 10, 10.00 
This tour includes a guided bus trip in the city centre and residential
areas, and a guided tour of Nidaros cathedral. Lunch will be served at the
Tyholt Tower, a  revolving restaurant with a magnificent view of the city.
- Charge: NOK 340

- The mountain town of R ros - Tuesday May 11, 8.30 h.
R ros is unique! This town is situated 160 km South-east of Trondheim and
occupies with pride a place on UNESCO's World Heritage List. You would be
forgiven for thinking you stepped back a few hundred years as you wander
past the elegant wooden houses and tiny miner's cottages, and visit the
eighteenth-century church which dominates this unspoilt mountain town.
There will also be time for a visit to the mining museum. A rich variety of
traditional Norwegian and Lappish handicrafts can be found in the many
small studios in town. Lunch will be served. Travel by coach.
- Charge: NOK 520


Rooms have been reserved at several hotels in the centre of Trondheim.
Prices vary from approx. NOK 495 - 875 for a single room with bath,
including breakfast.

If you wish to have a reservation made, please indicate the type of
accommodation required on the registration form. Rooms will be allocated in
order of receipt of the registration forms. The Secretariat will make the
reservation for you at the hotel of your choice (as far as possible), and
confirmation of your reservation will be sent to you in the middle of
April. Hotel expenses are to be settled directly with the hotel upon


The registration fee includes the full set of papers as they will be
presented during the conference, a copy of the conference programme, a copy
of the special issue of Computer Networks and ISDN Systems (to be published
in October 1993) in which a selected numbers of papers will be published,
entry to all sessions, refreshments daily, 3 lunches, the Concert on
Monday, the Welcome Reception, and the Gala Dinner.

Please note that accompanying persons are free to attend the Welcome
Reception and the Concert and can book all other events, but they may not
attend any of the technical sessions.

Payment must be remitted in Norwegian Kroner - NOK, free from all bank
charges. Cheques should be made payable to JENC'93 and should be sent to
the Secretariat in Trondheim together with the registration form.
Unfortunately we cannot accept credit cards or private cheques.

EARLY Registration Fee		3000 NOK		 ca. 365 ECU
LATE Registration Fee		 3300 NOK 		ca. 400 ECU
DESK Registration Fee	 	3600 NOK		 ca. 435 ECU

The early registration fee applies to all fees received before March 29. The late
registration fee applies to all payments received between April 1 and May
7. DESK registration is only possible together with payment. Two banks are
located on the campus.

In case of cancellation before April 31 all fees will be refunded, less a
cancellation charge of NOK 500. NO REFUND of registration fees will be made
for cancellation after this date.

When sending Eurocheques, please note that the total amount of NOK 1300 per
cheque may not be exceeded. Payment by bank transfer should be made to: 

bank account no 8601.10.34510 with Fokus Bank 
N-7034 Trondheim, Norway

All payments should be marked properly with the name of the participant.
Confirmation of registration, hotel accommodation etc. will be mailed to
participants in the middle of April. Rooms will be allocated in order of
receipt. Early registration is therefore recommended.

Cancellation terms for the post-conference tour:
There will be no fee for cancellations of the post-conference tour if
received before 10 April. Fees will not be refunded after this date. If
tours must be cancelled by the operator due to lack of interest, payment
will be refunded, less a transfer/swift charge.



The enclosed registration form should be completed and returned to the
Secretariat to reach Trondheim preferably before 29 March 1993.
Registration by e-mail is also possible. Please submit your payment in
Norwegian kroner (NOK). 

Conference Secretariat JENC'93
SEVU, Congress Department
The Norwegian Institute of Technology
N-7034 Trondheim, Norway

Tel: +47 7 59 56 69  
Fax: +47 7 51 72 26  

First name: 						          Title:
Office address:

Tel: 			            Fax:               				E-mail:
Accompanying person(s)

Surname:               First name:


Price Category I:         O    Single w/bath		NOK 795 - 875            
                          O    Double w/bath 	NOK 945 - 1055
Price Category II         O    Single w/bath 		NOK 690 - 700
                          O    Double w/bath 	NOK 790 - 800
Price Category III        O    Single w/bath 		NOK 495 - 595
                          O    Double w/bath 	NOK 595 - 695

No. of persons:          		Arrival date:         		Departure date:

Due to recent government regulations, all prices may be subject to change.
All prices per room per day, including breakfast. Account to be settled
directly with the hotel upon departure.


Please mark as appropriate and include payment.

                                            															No.   Total  NOK

O 	EARLY Registration fee  						      NOK 3000
O 	LATE Registration fee     						    NOK 3300 
O 	Concert & Reception Inclusive     ........		
O 	Gala Dinner Dinner Inclusive			    ........				
O	 Gala Dinner for Accompanying Persons 	NOK  600   
O 	Hiking in Bymarka         							       NOK  310    
O 	Munkholmen Island        							        NOK  290   

I wish to attend one of the following tutorials:

O 	"Protocols for Distributed Computing over 
Gigabit Networks". David J. Farber/ Guru M. Parulkar  NOK 1200

O	 "X.400 : its evolution until nowadays, 
	and its current trends". Olivier Paridaens   		       NOK 1200   	       	       	       	       	

O 	"SNMP Overview". Daniel Karrenberg           			    NOK 1200            

O 	"Managing TCP/IP Network Under UNIX". 	            NOK 1200             
	Suleyman Kondakci

O 	"ISODE - The ISO Development Environment". 	       NOK 1200
	Michael Mueller 	       	       	       	       	       	       	       	 
													                                             TOTAL NOK


O 	Cheque enclosed
O 	Payment made to bank account No. 8601.10.34510 (copy of bank transfer

Date:                            								Signature: