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ACTION-312 (edit) pending review Add ednote to ttml2 about timing computation on out-of-line animations w.r.t. their referring element(s) Glenn Adams 2014-08-07
ACTION-313 (edit) pending review Create erratum for issue-314 Glenn Adams 2014-08-07
ACTION-316 (edit) pending review Define temporally active region in ttml1 for issue-314. Glenn Adams 2014-08-07
ACTION-315 (edit) pending review Change "informative" to "not normative" everywhere in imsc 1 Pierre-Anthony Lemieux 2014-08-07 TTML IMSC 1.0
ACTION-317 (edit) pending review Create a link from presentation processor in imsc 1 to the definition in §2.2 of ttml 1 se. Pierre-Anthony Lemieux 2014-08-07 TTML IMSC 1.0
ACTION-310 (edit) pending review Follow up with staff re andreas's membership status Nigel Megitt 2014-08-07
ACTION-314 (edit) pending review Raise an issue on imsc1 for an advisory note on forceddisplay and region backgrounds. Nigel Megitt 2014-08-07 forcedDisplay region background note

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