World Wide Web Consortium
"Real Time Multimedia and the Web"
(RTMW '96)

October 24-25, 1996
INRIA-Sophia Antipolis - France


Our job, in support of the Italian telecom operator (TELECOM ITALIA), is mainly aimed at testing and evaluating real-time applications over the Internet; TELECOM ITALIA offers both low and medium bandwidth access to the Internet (commercial) and high bandwidth backbone networks= (experimental). The typical real-time applications we consider are video-conference= applications and audio/video streaming with a particular reference to their= implementation on PC/Windows platform; we realize that the distribution of audio and video integrated with the Web is gaining quick and large success.

In our experience some main outstanding issues are:

We are confident that the forthcoming workshop will give a good chance to establish a common view among the participants; that=92s why we are very interested in participating.

We apology for submitting this application a bit late after the deadline of September 6 and hope you can still accept it.

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