Welcome to Arena beta-1

Arena beta-1 is a prerelease that comes with bugs and shortcomings. Its primary purpose is to be a testbed browser for HTML3, style sheets and the W3C library of common code. Binaries for beta-1e are only available for a limited selection of platforms at this point, but source code is available if you want to compile for yourself.

Prerelease beta-2 is now available

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Style Sheets

Arena beta-1 reimplements the style sheet mechanism according to the Working Draft of Cascading Style Sheets. The implementation is not yet complete, but coming along nicely.

New Stuff

Release History

beta-1a released.
beta-1b released.
beta-1c released.
beta-1d released.
beta-1e released.


Lots of bugs have been fixed, many new ones have been added: