Arena 0.96

0.97 has been released, and we suggest you fetch a new binary.
Prerelease 0.96 of Arena has bugs and shortcomings, and its primary purpose is to be a testbed browser for HTML3. Set your expectations accordingly.
There have been several minor releases of 0.96, and the current one is 0.96s. Most of the changes have been cosmetic, but we do recommend an upgrade.

This page contains information specific to the 0.96 release. For more general information on Arena and HTML3, see:

New functionality


Yes, there are bugs. Some of them are listed below, and some are reposted in other peoples lists. If you want to report a bug, please send the mail to Do not use the email address that is printed when arena exits.

Newly introduced bugs

Missing functionality

Stylistic bugs

User interface issues

HTTP-related issues

HTML-related issues

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