Pushing Push:

Advancing the Features of Channel Technology

A Presentation by Intermind Corporation
W3C Push Workshop, Boston, MA
Drummond Reed, Co-founder & VP Product Management
Kevin Jones, Chief Architect

September 8, 1997

This presentation shows how channel architecture is the next evolutionary step for Web architecture and establishes a framework for categorizing six major groups of channel technology features. Please note that due to time limitations it is only an overview of a more detailed paper that will be handed out at the workshop.

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Definitions of Push

What Defines a Channel?

Channel Formats

Evolution of Channel Architecture

Basic Web Architecture

The Web with CGI, Cookies, & Caching

Basic Channel Architecture

Major Categories of Channel Features

#1: Profile Exchange Features

#2: Negotiated Delivery Features

#3: Negotiated Security Features

#4: Active Message Processing Features

#5: Channel Feedback Features

#6: Channel Linking Features