W3C Push Workshop, 8-9 September 1997

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Title: A Theater-style Web Browsing System and its Description Language

Author: H. fukuoka, H. Mizuno, S. Kawasaki

Presented by: H. Fukuoka

Affiliation: Incubation Center, NEC Corporation


A theater-style web browsing system "SiteCruiseTheater"and its
description language "TSML" have been developed. SiteCruiseTheater
enables users to enter a virtual theater through their regular Web
browser software, where they will be able to view pushed WWW
information on their selected topic. After entering a theater, users
need only sit back and view the information as it is presented to
them. Automatic web sitecruising and scrolling, quick viewing due to
preloading of subsequent pages, and personal trick play control are

Contents providers can offer theaters by writing scenarios in TSML
(Theater Scenario Markup Language) which is a SGML-derived
description language. They can design theater programs by selecting
pages they wish to offer, as well as control the speed, order, and
timing in which the pages are presented. Contents providers can also
insert advertising pages within theater programs and control the
amount of time for which they are displayed.

A clear distinction must be made between SiteCruiseTheater and
existing push services that send data to a user regardless of a
request for that data. Though a push technology, SiteCruiseTheater
is user initiated: the user requests the information to be provided
and then the provider pushes it to the user. This may be referred as

A major Japanese publishing house Shinchosha became the first
contents provider to use this technology, offering a new science
fiction comic by renowned author Leiji Matsumoto called 'Walkure'.

At the workshop, we intend to present the functions, configuration,
and applications as well as demonstration of the system. We hope to
discuss about incorporation of our description language and
push-on-demand concepts with the ongoing standardization.

Hidey Fukuoka (fukuoka@inc.cl.nec.co.jp)
Assistant Manager, Incubation Center, R&D Group, NEC Corporation
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