W3C Push Workshop, 8-9 September 1997

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Title:    Webcanal: Multicast Based Push

Speaker:  Tie Liao, INRIA, France


Current push, called "smart pull" by some people, is undergoing a number
of serious problems such as high network bandwidth consumption and lack of
interoperability. These problems hinder the widespread deployment of the
push technology. There is a decoupling of the networking technologies and
the application model. The right way for doing push should be the deployment
of IP multicast. However, before a switch to the "true push", we have to
overcome a number of obstacles, among which the most important would be:

  - the MBONE accessibility.
  - reliable multicast.
  - standards.

These problems are addressed through the presentation of a R/D project,
webcanal, which is considered as an effort to design and experiment an
architecture for multipoint information distribution systems. By webcanal
we intend to build a general platform for information distribution on the
Internet. On this platform, different kinds of push applications could
be built in a standard way and with guaranteed interoperability. In my
presentation, I will describe our point of view on the key issues regarding
multicast based push and the work already and being carried out in our project.