W3C Push Workshop, 8-9 September 1997

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Title:   Push Technologies in Low Bandwidth and Highly Mobile Environments

Speaker:  Amjad Umar, Bellcore


The conceptual model that underlies the  push technologies appeals to many 
application areas that transcend the typical Internet model based on the  
assumption of high bandwidth client/server exchanges. For example, 
push technologies can be very useful in the highly mobile, low bandwidth 
application domains where the users do not have the time to issue complicated 
queries. An example is the battlefield situations where the soldiers need 
to be fed vital information periodically (the soldiers are simply too busy 
to conjure up queries). Other examples exist in nomadic exploration 
undertakings and "mobile groupwares" where the users are constantly on the 
move but need to be kept informed. 

The key question governing this short presentation is: can the extant 
Internet-based push technologies be used and/or extended to fit the 
low bandwidth and highly mobile situations? The presentation will discuss 
the key findings of an evaluation of the Internet push technologies to 
determine their effectiveness in distributing information in low and 
intermittent bandwidth environments. So far we have found that the said 
technologies use many assumptions that are easily violated in such environments. 
In particular, the bulk of todays Internet push products are bandwidth hogs. 
The presentation will conclude by suggesting several changes to the push technology 
and introduce new areas for investigation to broaden its scope and applicability.

Amjad Umar, Ph.D.
Principal Systems Engineer
444 Hoes Lane, Piscataway, NJ, 08854
Phone: 732-699-6790, email: aumar@notes.cc.bellcore.com