W3C Push Workshop, 8-9 September 1997

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Title: Automatic personalization on push news service

Author: T. Kamba, H. Sakagami, Y. Koseki

Presented by: Y. Koseki

Affiliation: C&C Media Research Laboratories, NEC Corp.


The presentation will describe a novel push-type news delivery system, 
called ANATAGONOMY. The main feature of the system is its automatic 
personalization function. In other conventional push-type systems, 
users are required to register interested categories and/or keywords 
in order to personalize information to be delivered. In contrast, our 
push-type news delivery client watches the user operation, such as 
mouse clicks, then sends the operation record back to its server. On 
the server, the keywords of the accessed articles are automatically 
accumulated as the user's profile to be used for further 
personalization. As a result of the personalization, the system shows 
the prefered articles at prominent positions of the display so that 
the user is able to find and see easily. Our system has already been 
under experimental operation and has been constantly delivering news 
articles of the Yomiuri Shimbun - the most popular newspaper in Japan. 
In the presentation, we will show the user interface and 
personalization technique used in the system. We believe that the 
automatic personalization technology will have an important role in 
the future push delivery systems. Through the presentation at the 
workshop, we would like to disscuss possibility of incorporating
automatic personalization technologies into the ongoing standardization 
efforts on the formats and protocols.    

Dr. Yoshiyuki Koseki
Research Manager, C&C Media Research Laboratories,
NEC Corporation