W3C Push Workshop, 8-9 September 1997

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Title:    The HTTP Distribution and Replication Protocol

Speaker:  Arthur van Hoff, CTO, Marimba Inc.

Duration: 30-60min


Marimba has developed some interesting new technologies for 
the distribution and management of applications on the Internet 
and Intra-net. Due to the changing nature of networks and 
the increasing variety of client platforms, application management 
is becoming very complex and new methods are needed to reduce 
the total cost of ownership.

In this presentation I will discuss the DRP proposal which was
recently submitted to the W3C. The DRP proposal is aimed at
reducing the overhead of subscription based content delivery
over HTTP. I will talk about the motivation behind DRP, how it
can be implemented and used, and how it can reduce network
bottlenecks for push applications.


Arthur is the Chief Technology Officer of Marimba Inc. Before Marimba,
he worked at Sun where he was one of the contributers to the development 
of the Java language, and he is the author of the Java compiler.
Marimba is focussed on the automatic distribution and management of 
applications over the Internet and Intra-net.