Editing XML documents

Loading XML documents

Amaya can display any well formed XML document and can format it if there is an associated CSS stylesheet.

For an XML document that refers to a not-supported DTD or namespace (different from XHTML, MathML and SVG), Amaya offers a limited support for the display and for the edition. Indeed, as Amaya does not analyse the associated DTD, it can not chack the validity of any XML document and can not get specific information about elements and attributes and about their organization within the document.

Using style in XML

If the document is associated to a DTD that Amaya does not understand, the content of the document is formatted and displayed in a way that reflects the structure of the document. If there is no style indication, the content of each element will be shown as a block. However, for clarity, the elements that contain at least a character string are considered to be inline and are displayed accordingly. Amaya can associate a CSS style sheet. You can also modify the presentation of the document if you associate a CSS style sheet to it by means of a xml-stylesheet PI (processing instruction).

Editing XML documents

Generic XML documents editing in Amaya is still experimental. For the supported samples (XHTML, SVG, MathML), editing follows the same rules as for the corresponding document type. For the other elements, only the Enter command is available in this version :

You can also edit your XML documents in the Source view and use the File / Synchronize command. Your modifications are then displyed in the formatted view.