Checking spelling

Amaya provides a multilingual spell checker and selects the appropriate language according to the lang attribute. The lang attribute can be associated with any element in a document, even with a single word, using the Attributes tool.

To spell check a document, choose Check spelling from the Tools menu.

The personal dictionary

When you register a new word, the spell checker creates or updates the user's personal dictionary. A user's personal dictionary is located in the AmayaHome/dictionary.DCT file. In read-write mode, the spell checker uses the user dictionary when checking all documents, in addition to the language-specific dictionaries. When you click the Learn button in the Spell checking dialog, the user dictionary is created, if does not already exists, and automatically updated by the spelling checker.

The spell check dialog

The Tools / Check spelling command displays a dialog that enables you to choose parameters and interact with the spell checker.

Running the spell checker

Before running the spell checker, make sure the current selection is in the document you want to check. For the spell checker, the source code is different from the formatted document. If the current selection is in the source view, all the markup will be checked, including tags, attributes, etc. If the selection is in the formatted view, only the content of the document will be checked.

To start the checker, click the Search/Skip button at the bottom of the dialog. If an error is found, the incorrect word is selected and highlighted in the document. If no error was detected a message "End of spell checking" is displayed at the bottom of the dialog.

When an incorrect word is detected, you can use a button on the dialog to perform the following operations: