Many commands in Amaya act on the current selection. You can make a selection using the keyboard or the mouse, as described below.

No matter how you make the current selection, Amaya displays the type of the first selected element at the bottom of the window, preceded by the types of the enclosing elements in the structure. This may be helpful when the document structure is complex.

For example, selecting a word in this sentence displays the following message in the status bar:

html > body > div > p

meaning that the selection is within a p element, which is within a div element in the body of the html document. This sequence of element names is called a path.

Selecting this character string (for example click on the word "character") displays

html > body > div > p > strong

Selecting with the mouse

Selecting in the status bar

Selecting with the keyboard

Selecting a structure element

Moving the insertion point

Extending/shrinking the selection

Moving across the document

Selecting images

To select an entire image:

  1. Click and drag anywhere within the image, and then release the mouse button. Be sure not to drag outside the image before releasing the mouse.
  2. Use the copy, cut, and paste commands to move or duplicate the image element along with all its attributes.

To place the cursor to the left or to the right of an image:

Note:    When using the arrow keys, the cursor moves to one side of the image, and then to the other side.

Selecting in the structure view

The Structure view is especially convenient for quickly selecting large elements or groups of elements within a document.

To select an element in the Structure view:

To select a character or a text string:

To select an attribute value: