In the case in which the file system of the server is known or guessed by the client, the path may possibly converted into a filename. This may (in some cases) allow the file to be retrieved in one RETR command with no CWD command. In the case of unix, the filename will in fact look the same as the URI path. This must NOT be taken to indicate that the URL is a unix filename. In practice, as many FTP servers in fact have or emulate unix file systems, it may in fact be time-efficient to attempt first a direct retrieval guessing unix syntax, and, if that fails, to attempt the official sequence of succession of directory changes followed by a RETR command.

This may simply things when making more than one access. When a second access is required, if no directory changes have been made, but direct retrieval has been done, then the control connection may be kept. Another possible uninvestigated method is to use CDUP on the trial assumption of a hierarchical structure to return a point in common between the first and second URLs.

Tim BL