Status: This document is public. It accompanies the public W3C Evangelists About page. W3C Evangelists have access to the Evangelist Setup procedures and Operational pages.

1. Introduction

W3C has been rolling out a “Business Agent Program” on an ad-hoc basis and now that we have a number of Business Agents in place, and in reflecting on what we need to do to make them successful, we need to formalize the program. W3C wants the scope to be more than transactional so we are changing the name to W3C Evangelist Program as that has more resonance with the industry and with what W3C wants to achieve with this program.

W3C Evangelists represent W3C in various locations and are an extension of W3C’s Business Development Team. They are responsible for identifying and recruiting new W3C Members, running local events, promoting W3C Training and fostering Sponsorship. A W3C Evangelist may cover all W3C technologies in a particular geographic region or be responsible for a particular Vertical Industry within an assigned geography.

2. Profile of a W3C Evangelist

While an Evangelist is an individual, they may be part of an organization that is providing a number of the services discussed in this document. An Evangelist may be covering a specific topic (i.e. Global Automotive W3C Evangelist) or a specific geographic region (i.e. Eastern Australia W3C Evangelist).

If the Evangelist is part of an organization which is representing W3C in a geography, that organization must be vendor neutral in their W3C activities and should be a W3C Member although W3C reserves the right to waive this should the situation warrant it. The roles and responsibilities of these organizations, formerly W3C Offices but now called W3C Chapter Hubs, is covered in a separate document, the remainder of this document focuses on the Roles and Responsibilities of W3C Evangelists.

3. Roles and Responsibilities of a W3C Evangelist

The role of the W3C Evangelist is to identify and recruit new W3C Members and Business Group Participants. Additionally, they will identify and drive opportunities to capture revenue for Sponsorship of W3C Events and from the sale of W3Cx Verified Certificates. This is a commission-only program according to a particular compensation structure. This commission could be paid either directly to the Evangelist or the W3C Chapter Hub if the Evangelist is an employee of that organization.

Each W3C Evangelist will be aligned to one of the four W3C Hosts which will be the primary W3C territory for their activities. There will be a Territory Manager aligned to each Host. The Territory Manager is a member of the W3C Team and will work under the direction of the Global Business Development Leader. All Global W3C Evangelists will be aligned to the W3C Headquarters Host, currently located at MIT.

To help the Evangelist be successful W3C needs to have the Evangelist or Chapter Hub be seen as the face of W3C in a territory or Chapter. To facilitate this, W3C hosts on its website a directory of W3C Evangelists.

The Evangelist may be asked to represent W3C at local events and speak on our behalf. This will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Many Evangelists are attending and participating in events for their primary organization and representing W3C could be a natural extension of that activity.

The Evangelists will use W3C’s BigContacts system to register their activities and contacts as well as use the dropbox feature of BigContacts to build an archive of their W3C correspondence. A separate document will be prepared to outline this procedure.

The Evangelist will have access to the W3C Application Database to see when their prospects have started an application and help prospective Members through the process. The W3C Business Development team will retain the responsibility for the final review and approval of Membership Applications.

To facilitate these two activities W3C will:

Evangelists should attend and participate in a monthly Evangelist Update conference call.

W3C Evangelists will attend an annual Evangelist Meeting, currently envisioned to be held in conjunction with TPAC.

4. W3C Evangelist Enablement

W3C will provide a set of tools for the W3C Evangelists to execute their responsibilities. Some of the specifics are:

5. Confidentiality, intellectual property and use of names

As part of their engagement, the W3C Evangelist may be given access to W3C Member-only or Team-only information, as defined in the W3C Process Document. They must agree to maintain the confidentiality level of this information and to cease use of, and destroy any confidential information, when the Term ends.

The Evangelist may use the W3C name and logo to promote W3C activities and Membership. They may not use the W3C name or logo for unrelated activities or endorsements, and may not use the names of W3C Hosts without their express permission. The Evangelist must stop using names and logos when the Term ends.

6. Professional Conduct

The W3C Evangelist agrees to follow W3C's Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct, and to avoid conflicts of interest or the appearance thereof.