26 Jun 2018


David_Booth, EricP, Kasia, Pawel, Joao
David Booth


ShExMap comparison with IPSM

Here is the ShExMap example that Eric and I made: https://github.com/rdf-pipeline/translators/tree/master/src/shex/ipsm

eric: I created a manifest.json to drive the overall translation process. I can paste the raw github URL for it into my shexmap online translator page.






david: the translation works in two steps: use the source schema to bind a set of variables (validate step); then use the target schema and those bound variables to generate the target data (materialize step).

eric: Shex currently does not handle named graphs. Still under discussion, but want to do it right.

pawel: Translation is only on the payload graph -- not the metadata graph.

eric: I didn't see a connection between the metadata and payload. Is there?

pawel: There might be, but not for translation purposes.

eric: One of the issues around named graphs is that we're getting more data from json, and you get more data from json than json-ld. If named graphs are in there, we need to guess where to start.

kasia: One example use case was to turn a URI as a string "uri" into an RDF URI reference <uri>.

pawel: Sometimes we glue the namespace before it also.
... And sometimes we have colons instead of underscores in the URI string.

example: "http://inter-iot.eu/bodycloud/B4_99_4C_6E_2A_E9"

pawel: I like this example. We can also use your BP shex example. Interested in writing a paper on comparing ShExMap with IPSM.
... Maybe IEEE conference.

<scribe> ACTION: David and Eric to finish working out the shexmap example for others to try


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[NEW] ACTION: David and Eric to finish working out the shexmap example for others to try

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