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13:01:57 [kaz]
Meeting: WoT PlugFest
13:02:28 [kaz]
present+ Kaz_Ashimura, Kunihiko_Toumura, Michael_McCool, Ryuichi_Matsukura, Takeshi_Sano, Taki_Kamiya, Toru_Kawaguchi
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present+ Dainel_Peintner
13:06:21 [kaz]
present+ Uday_Davuluru
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present+ Michael_Koster
13:09:01 [ryuichi]
13:09:08 [ryuichi]
13:09:12 [kaz]
topic: Agenda
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13:09:54 [kaz]
kaz: agenda should include
13:10:12 [kaz]
... Matsukura's update, Koster's input, McCool's update
13:10:33 [ryuichi]
13:10:40 [kaz]
... physical requirements, scenarios
13:10:48 [kaz]
topic: Matsukura-san's update
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13:11:14 [kaz]
matsu: shows slides
13:11:30 [kaz]
13:11:43 [kaz]
matsu: would like to see the information here is correct
13:11:50 [kaz]
... starting with Panasonic
13:12:00 [kaz]
... Siemens
13:12:04 [kaz]
... Lemonbeat
13:12:12 [kaz]
present+ Kazuaki_Nimura
13:12:20 [kaz]
present+ Masato_Ohura
13:12:23 [kaz]
... Intel
13:12:34 [kaz]
mm: details in my presentation
13:13:25 [kaz]
kaz: so you'd like to clarify which servient from Intel will get connected here
13:13:28 [kaz]
matsu: yes
13:13:40 [kaz]
mm: using SSH tunnel
13:13:51 [kaz]
... not really specialized proxy
13:13:58 [kaz]
... proxy and tunnerl
13:14:04 [kaz]
13:14:18 [kaz]
present+ Takeshi_Yamada
13:14:28 [kaz]
present+ Keiichi_Tokuyama
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13:15:09 [kaz]
matsu: would like to clarify which servient can speak the WoT interface
13:15:25 [kaz]
mm: I have OCF devices
13:15:32 [kaz]
... all those devices talk CoAP
13:15:56 [kaz]
... they're WoT devices because they use TD
13:16:58 [kaz]
kaz: so we should clarify which servient exposes their capability how
13:17:05 [kaz]
... e.g., exposeThing
13:17:31 [kaz]
matsu: which device from Intel can be connected here?
13:17:54 [mjkoster]
13:18:20 [mjkoster]
13:18:41 [kaz]
... what is the protocol for the OCF devices?
13:19:09 [kaz]
... want to clarify which part of your servients would talk with the others' servients
13:19:13 [kaz]
13:19:17 [kaz]
mk: agree
13:19:29 [kaz]
... would add a point for interoperability
13:19:54 [kaz]
... not all the servients have the capability of consuming, e.g., OCF devices
13:20:27 [kaz]
... we really have to see the orchestration
13:20:41 [kaz]
... planning to do that on proxies
13:20:51 [kaz]
... adapt to every protocol
13:20:59 [kaz]
mm: points of connection
13:21:29 [kaz]
... you can talk to devices using their consuming protocols
13:21:49 [kaz]
mk: just function as gateway
13:22:06 [mjkoster]
ack m
13:22:25 [kaz]
... added local application servient by node-red to this diagram based on Koster's input
13:22:49 [kaz]
... next [Servients and protocols (1 of 2)]
13:23:01 [kaz]
... Lemonbeat by Uday
13:23:09 [kaz]
... next [Servients and protocols (2 of 2)]
13:23:15 [kaz]
... Intel and SmartThings
13:23:47 [kaz]
... Fujitsu's application can run on either the remote/local side
13:23:51 [McCool]
13:24:02 [kaz]
mm: local link vs global link
13:24:13 [kaz]
... global URL goes through the remote proxy
13:24:23 [kaz]
... my plan is both of them in the TD
13:24:32 [kaz]
... and try the local link first
13:25:08 [kaz]
... local links wont' work outside
13:26:10 [kaz]
matsu: this time there is no remote device servient
13:26:18 [kaz]
mm: motion sensor, camera, etc.
13:26:23 [kaz]
13:26:52 [kaz]
mk: endpoint app
13:26:57 [kaz]
... happen on the cloud
13:27:02 [kaz]
... remote device servient
13:27:09 [kaz]
... expose REST api there
13:27:39 [kaz]
... we can call that a remote device servient
13:27:49 [kaz]
... how to make the protocol binding
13:27:56 [kaz]
... doesn't require a bridge
13:28:04 [kaz]
... could be done by software adaption
13:28:19 [McCool]
13:28:35 [kaz]
mm: my suggestion is definition based on the architecture document
13:28:45 [kaz]
... definition could be operational
13:28:56 [kaz]
... we can add additional protocols
13:29:08 [kaz]
mk: SmartThings API is REST API
13:29:35 [kaz]
mm: note that we avoided using "servient" in many places
13:29:45 [kaz]
... a lot devices can expose their capability
13:30:12 [kaz]
13:30:14 [kaz]
ack k
13:30:17 [kaz]
ack m
13:30:18 [kaz]
13:31:34 [kaz]
kaz: should we see Koster's proposal and McCool's proposal
13:31:53 [kaz]
... and think which part could be connected which servient from Matsukura's diagram
13:32:02 [kaz]
s/should we/we should/
13:32:46 [kaz]
mk: remote proxy and local proxy are connecting points
13:32:55 [McCool]
q+ McCool
13:33:26 [kaz]
ack k
13:33:54 [kaz]
matsu: Panasonic's device servient can be connected with the other's servient?
13:34:11 [kaz]
yama: please show the table (1 of 2)
13:34:14 [kaz]
... some update
13:34:31 [kaz]
... left column is only HTTP
13:34:54 [kaz]
... right column is HTTPS+WSS
13:35:00 [kaz]
s/only HTTP/only HTTPS/
13:35:22 [kaz]
mm: will bring Amazon Alexa
13:35:51 [kaz]
... maybe it will be confused given Panasonic also will bring their Alexa
13:36:03 [kaz]
... can change the command, though
13:36:14 [kaz]
... we can discuss it during PlugFest
13:36:20 [kaz]
... do you use Home Skill?
13:36:32 [kaz]
kawa: only custom skill
13:36:41 [kaz]
mm: can do either way
13:36:54 [kaz]
13:36:56 [kaz]
ack m
13:37:08 [kaz]
uday: please show Lemonbeat
13:37:42 [kaz]
... not water valve but binary actuator
13:38:10 [kaz]
mm: possible scenario...
13:38:56 [kaz]
kaz: which servient do you want to get connected?
13:39:03 [kaz]
uday: any ones
13:39:48 [kaz]
kaz: will you provide local proxy as well?
13:39:53 [kaz]
uday: no...
13:40:02 [kaz]
matsu: but local gateway might be a local proxy?
13:40:08 [kaz]
uday: ah, yes
13:40:45 [kaz]
mm: will use SSH traverse for AVS
13:41:09 [kaz]
mk: websocket works with SSH tunneling. right?
13:41:29 [kaz]
mm: you can tunnel the protocol through
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13:43:56 [kaz]
matsu: which part from your system would be connected as a servient?
13:44:23 [kaz]
mm: shows his updated slides
13:44:28 [kaz]
[slides tbd@@@]
13:44:51 [kaz]
mm: explains his setup
13:45:16 [kaz]
... [1.5 Metadata Bridging]
13:45:26 [kaz]
... can use other specialized solution
13:45:47 [kaz]
... this framework includes just standard setting
13:46:33 [kaz]
13:47:00 [kaz]
mk: local one vs global one
13:47:14 [kaz]
... there are 2 resource directory
13:48:26 [kaz]
... the global thing can be reachable from the local side
13:48:32 [kaz]
... but...
13:49:04 [kaz]
mm: you want to use local things available
13:49:33 [kaz]
... maybe orthogonal issue from proxy
13:49:50 [kaz]
matsu: there are a lot of issues unresolved
13:50:12 [kaz]
... after the upcoming PlugFest, we need to clarify them
13:51:19 [kaz]
kaz: so we should ask McCool to think about which part from McCool's diagram could be connected with which part from Matsukura's diagram
13:51:32 [kaz]
mm: WoT-aware proxy and WoT-transparent proxy
13:51:57 [kaz]
... not useful to worry too much about NAT
13:52:22 [kaz]
mk: possibly one separate proxy which pipes the other
13:52:49 [kaz]
matsu: what about Koster's proposal?
13:52:56 [kaz]
topic: Koster's configuration
13:53:19 [kaz]
-> Koster's slides
13:53:32 [kaz]
mk: [Configuration]
13:54:10 [kaz]
... ST could, Om2m, Remote Gateway, App Droplet
13:54:14 [kaz]
... router
13:54:16 [kaz]
... Lan
13:54:36 [kaz]
... ST Hub, MQTT Sensor, IKEA Hub, OCF Bridge, Local WoT Gateway, Local WoT App
13:54:47 [kaz]
13:55:16 [kaz]
... [Configuration - OCF IKEA Bridge]
13:55:24 [kaz]
... who finds what?
13:55:58 [uday]
13:56:01 [kaz]
... everything could be described using TD
13:56:08 [kaz]
... update periodically
13:56:19 [kaz]
... [Configuration - SmartThings]
13:56:47 [kaz]
... SSH tunnel between ST Cloud and ST Hub
13:57:47 [kaz]
... remote proxy (gateway) - local proxy (gateway) - local WoT App
13:58:55 [kaz]
s/OCF, /MQTT, OCF, /
13:59:14 [kaz]
... [All Configurations]
13:59:26 [kaz]
... my view for plugfests
13:59:36 [kaz]
mm: IETF collocated with OCF
13:59:47 [kaz]
... OCF Melaga, Spain
13:59:57 [kaz]
... one of the possible places for WoT
14:00:13 [kaz]
... let's have discussion during TPAC
14:00:43 [kaz]
mk: TDTRG?
14:01:00 [kaz]
... interoperability with others would be good
14:01:04 [kaz]
14:01:08 [kaz]
ack u
14:01:34 [kaz]
uday: interoperability between IKEA hub and OCF bridge?
14:01:51 [kaz]
mk: node iotivity on rhaspvery pi
14:02:19 [kaz]
... just doing easy way to expose to OCF
14:03:00 [kaz]
uday: not semantically interoperable
14:03:52 [kaz]
14:04:23 [kaz]
(some more discussion)
14:04:55 [kaz]
kaz: Koster, are you aware which part of your diagram to be connected which part of Matsukura's diagram?
14:05:00 [kaz]
mk: yes
14:05:12 [kaz]
... local gateway is local proxy
14:05:18 [kaz]
... remote gateway is remote proxy
14:05:46 [kaz]
... apps consuming proxy
14:06:20 [kaz]
... IKEA hug has OCF bridge for local WoT proxy
14:06:27 [kaz]
matsu: thanks
14:06:44 [kaz]
... will update my diagram
14:07:02 [kaz]
... any other topics for today?
14:07:09 [kaz]
mm: schedule?
14:07:17 [kaz]
... local/remote directory?
14:07:49 [kaz]
kaz: we can have another call on Nov. 1
14:08:01 [kaz]
... but do we need another call before that?
14:08:14 [kaz]
mm: we can have discussion at TPAC as well
14:08:35 [kaz]
uday: fyi, Tue/Wed are holidays here
14:09:05 [kaz]
mm: next week have to work on implementation
14:09:22 [kaz]
dape: based on the FPWD
14:10:00 [kaz]
mm: can call in next week
14:10:11 [kaz]
14:10:18 [kaz]
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rrsagent, draft minutes
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