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13:06:56 [kaz]
Meeting: WoT PlugFest
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13:07:30 [kaz]
present+ Kaz_Ashimura, Matthias_Kovatsch, Taki_Kamiya, Toru_Kawaguchi, Uday_Davuluru, Kunihiko_Toumura, Michael_McCool
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13:08:32 [kaz]
13:08:44 [kaz]
present+ Michael_Koster
13:08:59 [kaz]
present+ Ryuichi_Matsukura, Takeshi_Yamada
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present+ Takeshi_Sano, Tomoaki_Mizushima, Toru_Kawaguchi
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present+ Sebastian_Kaebisch
13:11:22 [kaz]
zakim, pick a scribe
13:11:22 [Zakim]
Not knowing who is chairing or who scribed recently, I propose Taki_Kamiya
13:11:44 [kaz]
zakim, pick a scribe
13:11:44 [Zakim]
Not knowing who is chairing or who scribed recently, I propose Kaz_Ashimura
13:11:53 [kaz]
scrbenick: kaz
13:12:21 [kaz]
13:13:01 [kaz]
topic: Matsukura-san's consolidated document
13:13:09 [ryuichi]
13:13:50 [kaz]
mk: updated the figures right now
13:13:55 [kaz]
... should be reloaded
13:14:04 [kaz]
matsu: created the MD above
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13:14:13 [kaz]
... including the materials from my slides
13:14:27 [kaz]
... section 1 introduction
13:14:55 [kaz]
... including background and use case description
13:14:59 [kaz]
... section 2 Servients
13:15:15 [kaz]
... 3 kinds of servients for 4-layered model
13:15:32 [kaz]
... application servient, device servient and proxy servient (remote/local)
13:15:49 [kaz]
... the idea came from Koster at Binding call
13:16:01 [kaz]
... 2.2 Servients from plugfest participants
13:16:23 [kaz]
... application servient - remote proxy servient - local proxy servient - device servient
13:16:31 [kaz]
... still mission pieces there
13:16:46 [kaz]
... section 2.3 is missing
13:17:03 [kaz]
... 2.4 is table o Servients and protocols
13:17:08 [kaz]
... very important information
13:17:28 [kaz]
... what kind of protocols are supported between which servient and which
13:17:44 [kaz]
... e.g., app servient - remote proxy servient
13:18:14 [kaz]
... Fujitsu app servient - (HTTP(S)) - Fujitsu remote proxy
13:18:37 [mkovatsc]
13:18:44 [kaz]
... Panasonic app servient - (HTTPS+WSS) - Panasonic device servient
13:18:51 [kaz]
... please add information on your servients
13:19:03 [kaz]
... 3. Application scenarios
13:19:10 [kaz]
... what kind of scenarios for PlugFest?
13:19:24 [kaz]
... 4. High level description of issues
13:19:42 [kaz]
... issues to be solved from people's viewpoints
13:19:50 [kaz]
... for the upcoming PlugFest
13:20:03 [kaz]
... please put your issues here
13:20:25 [kaz]
... next (section 4 again) Deadline and Schedule
13:20:31 [kaz]
... expected schedule
13:20:42 [kaz]
... who provides which servient(s)?
13:20:59 [kaz]
... next week (Oct. 25) specify inter-servient interface
13:21:11 [kaz]
... and then PlugFest itself on Nov 4-5
13:21:20 [kaz]
... that's my points
13:21:31 [kaz]
13:21:55 [kaz]
mk: if you refresh the page, you can get the updated figures
13:22:17 [kaz]
-> updated figure
13:22:48 [kaz]
mk: possible WebUI app on the local side
13:23:13 [kaz]
matsu: which one?
13:23:35 [kaz]
mk: "WebUI WoT Client (Siemens)" on my pc
13:24:06 [kaz]
... and Local Proxy and Device Servients in Munich
13:24:18 [kaz]
... difficult to explain in this 4-layer model
13:24:31 [kaz]
mm: diagrams in my document as well
13:24:59 [kaz]
mk: we have different dimension actually
13:25:10 [kaz]
13:25:10 [mjkoster]
13:25:15 [kaz]
ack mk
13:25:28 [kaz]
mm: issue on Thing Directory
13:25:33 [kaz]
... and local device
13:25:42 [kaz]
13:25:54 [kaz]
... factory service to create them
13:26:05 [kaz]
mk: already assumes remote proxy
13:26:53 [kaz]
13:26:55 [mjkoster]
13:27:42 [kaz]
kaz: maybe we can use another kind of diagram as well
13:27:57 [kaz]
... e.g., which shows the actual location-based topology
13:28:11 [kaz]
mm: categories of servients
13:28:58 [kaz]
... 4-layered servients can be explained by the table
13:29:02 [k_nimura]
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13:29:35 [kaz]
... we don't have all the parts in this diagram here
13:29:43 [kaz]
... should make the diagram simpler
13:29:56 [k_nimura]
13:30:00 [kaz]
mk: there're kind of stacks
13:30:01 [kaz]
ack k
13:30:18 [kaz]
... did some update again
13:31:17 [kaz]
mm: link to the implemented codes?
13:31:41 [kaz]
... we should discuss management api as well
13:32:44 [kaz]
kaz: we don't have to stick with the "layer" here
13:32:52 [kaz]
... we can express the role using the color
13:33:06 [kaz]
... e.g., "WebUI WoT Client (Siemens)" as Matthias did
13:33:09 [kaz]
mm: yeah
13:33:13 [tokuyama]
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13:33:59 [kaz]
matsu: provide the detailed information on your part
13:34:17 [kaz]
... and then would like to clarify which servient by whom to be connected which
13:34:44 [kaz]
... for example, McCool, could you please add your stuff to this?
13:34:49 [kaz]
mm: yes, I can
13:34:56 [kaz]
... after Matthias's update
13:35:03 [kaz]
mk: ok
13:35:10 [kaz]
... going back to the table
13:35:17 [kaz]
... the basic version on PPT was ok
13:35:35 [kaz]
... but multi-column table here is difficult to edit
13:36:03 [kaz]
... maybe easier to use PPT table and put the image of that?
13:36:15 [kaz]
matsu: ok to edit the ppt and put the table image here
13:37:04 [kaz]
... Koster, can you add your information?
13:37:08 [kaz]
koster: ok
13:37:12 [kaz]
matsu: and Uday?
13:37:16 [kaz]
uday: will do
13:37:53 [kaz]
matsu: if your name is missing, please add a row
13:38:19 [kaz]
... can put the updated table on this document
13:38:49 [kaz]
... there are many developers for application servients this time
13:39:18 [kaz]
... would like to know who will really provide applications
13:39:29 [kaz]
mm: application servient?
13:39:33 [kaz]
matsu: yes
13:39:41 [kaz]
mm: Intel as well
13:39:58 [kaz]
matsu: ok
13:40:44 [kaz]
kaz: maybe everybody can send the information by text to Matsukura-san
13:40:53 [kaz]
... and he can integrate all the information
13:40:58 [kaz]
koster: makes sense
13:41:21 [kaz]
matsu: next, I'd like to clarify the application scenarios
13:41:41 [kaz]
... please put your ideas to this section "3. Application scenarios"
13:41:41 [kaz]
13:41:43 [kaz]
ack k
13:41:45 [kaz]
ack m
13:41:55 [kaz]
koster: question on the diagram
13:42:09 [kaz]
... how the protocol binding might work
13:42:19 [kaz]
... let's show global scope and local scope
13:42:42 [kaz]
... local scope is accessible in the local network
13:42:49 [kaz]
... mapping of devices and applications
13:43:00 [kaz]
... possibly located on the remote side
13:43:16 [kaz]
matsu: device servient on the cloud side?
13:43:23 [kaz]
koster: yes, on the cloud side
13:43:27 [kaz]
... shadow devices
13:43:36 [kaz]
... HTTPS-based SmartThings API
13:43:47 [kaz]
matsu: ok
13:44:02 [kaz]
... there are many variations for the upcoming PlugFest
13:44:12 [kaz]
koster: yes, I'll add my pieces
13:44:41 [kaz]
kawa: should we prepare Thing Description for devices we bring?
13:44:56 [kaz]
... if we share TDs in advance, we can know what to do beforehand
13:45:08 [kaz]
... useful to application scenario discussion as well
13:45:27 [kaz]
matsu: TD of each device servient should be uploaded on GitHub
13:46:08 [kaz]
kaz: we add TD and actual codes to the table
13:46:22 [kaz]
... as McCool suggested before
13:46:28 [kaz]
nimura: about TD
13:46:41 [kaz]
... which is the actual version for the Burlingame PlugFest?
13:47:01 [kaz]
mk: the target should be the FPWD of TD
13:47:19 [kaz]
... experimentally could include observable events
13:47:42 [kaz]
... what parts are mandatory and what are not
13:48:10 [kaz]
matsu: everyone wants to know about the differences between different versions
13:48:26 [kaz]
seb: good idea
13:48:51 [kaz]
mk: will add a link to the TD spec and explain the difference
13:48:54 [kaz]
matsu: appreciated
13:49:00 [mkovatsc]
13:49:10 [kaz]
... any other comments?
13:49:17 [kaz]
mk: working on the ppt
13:49:30 [kaz]
... please use the latest version from GH
13:49:34 [kaz]
yamada: will do
13:49:41 [kaz]
s/working/was working/
13:50:07 [kaz]
kawa: question about the procedure
13:50:13 [kaz]
... pullrequest for ppt?
13:50:25 [kaz]
... don't have write permission maybe
13:50:36 [kaz]
mk: in that case, you can use pullrequest
13:50:49 [kaz]
matsu: you should use a different file name
13:50:53 [kaz]
... that would be easier
13:51:06 [kaz]
... any other comments?
13:51:22 [kaz]
13:51:41 [kaz]
topic: next week
13:51:46 [kaz]
matsu: we should talk about app scenarios next week
13:51:59 [kaz]
... also posters and facilities
13:52:23 [kaz]
kaz: and inter-servient interface as recorded on the MD?
13:52:25 [kaz]
matsu: yes
13:52:45 [kaz]
... will share a diagram on possible interface sequence
13:52:54 [kaz]
... please share your input as well
13:53:10 [kaz]
... by the next call on Wednesday, 25 Oct.
13:53:15 [kaz]
mm: regarding poster
13:53:22 [kaz]
... make it professional
13:53:30 [mkovatsc]
13:53:30 [kaz]
... common template would be better
13:53:44 [kaz]
... print it by Monday
13:54:02 [kaz]
... we should have basic content by the PlugFest (on Nov. 4-5)
13:54:28 [kaz]
... can finalize right after PlugFest (on Nov. 4-5)
13:54:44 [kaz]
mm: last year's template is a reasonable starting point
13:54:57 [kaz]
mk: Daniel Peintner took care of the one last year
13:55:02 [kaz]
... template above
13:55:19 [kaz]
mm: can somebody take an action for this year?
13:55:41 [kaz]
mk: can do that right after getting the size available
13:55:49 [kaz]
taki: several sizes available
13:55:56 [kaz]
... will send the information to the list
13:56:16 [kaz]
mk: please include me directly (in addition to the list)
13:56:28 [kaz]
matsu: how many posters?
13:56:42 [kaz]
seb: last time we had one for each building block
13:57:07 [kaz]
mk: can think about updating building block but quite some work
13:57:16 [kaz]
mm: architecture, td, etc.
13:57:19 [kaz]
... and each demo
13:57:27 [kaz]
... e.g., Amazon integration by Intel
13:57:34 [kaz]
... 5 or more
13:57:43 [kaz]
s/5/So 5/
13:57:52 [kaz]
koster: might have one for SmartThings
13:58:08 [kaz]
matsu: we have to assign people to each poster
13:58:10 [kaz]
mk: yes
13:58:25 [kaz]
matsu: aob?
13:58:29 [kaz]
13:58:45 [kaz]
13:58:49 [kaz]
rrsagent, make log public
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rrsagent, draft minutes
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14:17:42 [kaz]
Chair: Matsukura
14:17:42 [kaz]
rrsagent, draft minutes
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I have made the request to generate kaz
14:18:06 [kaz]
rrsagent, bye
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