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12:00:51 [kaz]
Meeting: WoT IG/WG
12:01:17 [kaz]
present+ Kaz_Ashimura, Matthias_Kovatsch, Darko_Anicic, Michael_Koster, Micheael_McCool, Taki_Kamiya
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present+ DarkoAnicic
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12:04:33 [kaz]
present+ Kunihiko_Toumura
12:04:38 [mkovatsc]
12:04:39 [kaz]
present+ Daniel_Peintner
12:04:57 [kaz]
12:05:13 [kaz]
present+ Takeshi_Sano
12:07:16 [kaz]
present+ Tomoaki_Mizushima
12:08:00 [zkis]
present+ Zoltan_Kis
12:09:01 [kaz]
scribenick: mjkoster
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present+ Michael_McCool
12:09:10 [kaz]
present+ Toru_Kawaguchi
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present- Micheael_McCool
12:10:03 [kaz]
present+ Uday_Davuluru
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12:12:01 [mjkoster]
topic: schedule for architecture, scripting, and binding template document
12:12:16 [kaz]
12:12:25 [mjkoster]
...example schedule on the wiki page:
12:13:40 [mjkoster]
...five milestones in the document schedule from FPWD to REC state
12:14:00 [kaz]
12:14:03 [mjkoster]
mccool: created a schedule section in the document
12:14:13 [mjkoster]
matthias: yes, lets do this
12:14:17 [sebastian]
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12:14:35 [mjkoster]
mccool: review the schedule along with the document
12:15:21 [mjkoster]
matthias: contact mjkoster about getting an early document for binding templates
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12:15:33 [mjkoster]
mccool: there is a deadline of Nov 1st
12:16:34 [kaz]
mjkoster: I already have a ReSpec version and just need to swap some of the text
12:16:46 [mjkoster]
matthias: text needs to be put into the newest respec template
12:17:00 [mjkoster]
... which has been nit-picked already
12:17:01 [sebastian]
present+ Sebastian_Kaebisch
12:18:01 [mjkoster]
topic: update to CP document
12:19:12 [McCool]
12:19:13 [mjkoster]
...currently under heavy restructuring to sync up with the FPWD documents
12:19:27 [kaz]
12:19:30 [kaz]
ack m
12:19:53 [mjkoster]
mccool: should archive the release version or checkpoint in git with a tag
12:20:22 [mkovatsc]
12:20:25 [dape]
12:20:54 [kaz]
12:20:56 [mjkoster]
dape: should keep an actual copy of the document to review from time to time
12:21:02 [dape]
ack dape
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12:21:27 [mkovatsc]
12:21:36 [kaz]
12:22:14 [mjkoster]
the correct link is:
12:22:16 [mjkoster]
12:22:26 [mjkoster]
...any other updates?
12:22:41 [kaz]
present+ Yongjing_Zhang
12:23:00 [McCool]
12:23:34 [mjkoster]
yongjing: please review and provide feedback on the submission for (?)
12:23:45 [kaz]
i/any other updates?/topic: Infoshare/
12:23:54 [mjkoster]
matthias: will review and comment by Friday
12:24:10 [kaz]
s/(?)/ETSI IoT Week/
12:24:16 [mjkoster]
mccool: NDIS CFP is available, deadline is Dec 1
12:24:33 [kaz]
12:24:36 [mjkoster]
... plan to submit a paper on WoT security
12:24:52 [mjkoster]
...also giving a talk 1 hour long
12:25:16 [mjkoster]
... will prepare and circulate a draft, will finalize on Monday
12:25:18 [mkovatsc]
12:25:25 [mkovatsc]
ack McCool
12:25:39 [mjkoster]
topic: TPAC logistics
12:25:48 [mkovatsc]
12:25:59 [mkovatsc]
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12:26:06 [yongjing]
my presentation is for 'ETSI IoT Week 2017'
12:26:07 [mjkoster]
matthias: reminder to register using this link
12:26:22 [mkovatsc]
Draft Agenda:,_4-10_November_2017,_Burlingame,_CA,_USA#Agenda
12:26:59 [kaz]
present+ Keiichi_Tokuyama
12:27:23 [kaz]
present+ Kazuaki_Nimura, Masato_Ohura
12:28:06 [mjkoster]
... review the agenda
12:28:07 [yongjing]
12:29:01 [mjkoster]
mccool: add teh security document to the introduction
12:29:06 [mjkoster]
12:29:43 [mjkoster]
matthias: need to assign speakers and do more detailed planning of the talk
12:29:59 [mjkoster]
mccool: maybe one person could present the overview
12:30:06 [mjkoster]
matthias: agree
12:30:33 [mjkoster]
matthias: we also want to invite some open discussion
12:30:43 [yongjing]
where to find the latest binding template draft?
12:31:03 [kaz]
action: kaz to check with Dave and clarify who is invited to the mini-openday on Monday
12:31:04 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-120 - Check with dave and clarify who is invited to the mini-openday on monday [on Kazuyuki Ashimura - due 2017-10-25].
12:31:06 [yongjing] this link provides basically nothing..
12:31:07 [mjkoster]
... dsr has invited some local companies, do we have a list of RSVP or idea of who will be there?
12:31:56 [mjkoster]
... social lunch 1.5 hours
12:32:46 [mjkoster]
... afternoon topic on event models for design patterns and architecture context
12:33:20 [mjkoster]
... main theme is multi-servient, cloud connectivity, NAT/firewall
12:33:41 [mjkoster]
... also to standardize security patterns
12:33:43 [kaz]
rrsagent, make log public
12:33:47 [kaz]
rrsagent, draft minutes
12:33:47 [RRSAgent]
I have made the request to generate kaz
12:34:22 [mjkoster]
mccool: note that need to support Amazon security model to work with Alexa
12:34:24 [kaz]
Chair: Matthias, McCool, Yongjing
12:34:31 [kaz]
regrets: Kazuo_Kajimoto
12:34:42 [mjkoster]
... also will have semantic annotation as a theme
12:35:17 [mjkoster]
... need to decide how to include the annotation in the TD
12:36:05 [mjkoster]
... when to schedule the Plugfest feedback, needs to be in the morning for remote participation
12:36:55 [mjkoster]
mccool: late afternoon would be a good schedule for open day
12:37:49 [kaz]
[NOTE: 9am US Pacific is 6pm in Europe on Nov. 6]
12:38:58 [mjkoster]
matthias: (reorganizes schedule accordingly)
12:40:17 [mkovatsc]
12:41:17 [kaz]
ack y
12:41:42 [kaz]
12:42:02 [kaz]
raw text draft above
12:42:48 [kaz]
-> pullrequest 5
12:43:45 [kaz]
-> Binding Templates repo
12:43:52 [mkovatsc]
12:44:03 [mjkoster]
yongjing: needs binding template document for reference in his presentation
12:44:06 [yongjing]
12:44:14 [mjkoster]
matthias: use index.html
12:44:45 [mjkoster]
mccool: use a working branch for work in progress, loot at table css
12:45:04 [mjkoster]
matthias: use the architecture document for a respec template
12:45:25 [kaz]
-> WoT Architecture repo
12:46:03 [kaz]
matthias: should consider how to apply the pubrules checker, etc.
12:46:04 [mjkoster]
mjkoster: will prepare a new respec version of the Binding Templates for review by Friday
12:47:13 [naomi]
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12:47:20 [mjkoster]
matthias: Afternoon: security considerations
12:47:27 [zkis]
looks like my mike doesn't work now: I would like to add a topic for terminology, see last comments here:
12:47:52 [mjkoster]
12:47:54 [zkis]
12:48:26 [kaz]
12:48:48 [kaz]
q+ zkis to propose a topic on terminology
12:50:06 [mjkoster]
matthias: Binding Templates discussion on Tuesday AM, review of open issues
12:50:14 [mkovatsc]
12:50:25 [kaz]
ack z
12:50:25 [Zakim]
zkis, you wanted to propose a topic on terminology
12:51:06 [mjkoster]
zkis: need to include terminology and discuss at the beginning of the F2F
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12:53:01 [kaz]
[@@@ Zoltan's input on IRC to be moved here]
12:53:06 [mjkoster]
...tuesday afternoon
12:54:09 [kaz]
present+ Ryuichi_Matsukura
12:54:30 [mjkoster]
sebastian: need to have discussion and get feedback on JSON schema and type ontology
12:54:46 [mjkoster]
... needs to enable remote participation
12:55:06 [mjkoster]
matthias: need to refine the topics of the TD discussion
12:55:34 [mkovatsc]
12:56:15 [mjkoster]
zkis: discussion is needed on how to include scripts in TD or include TD in script (aka polymer)
12:56:45 [mjkoster]
matthias: this is at the early stage of discussion
12:56:57 [mjkoster]
zkis: can discuss more in the next call
12:57:08 [kaz]
-> TD issue 57
12:57:17 [kaz]
s/next call/next TD call/
12:57:40 [mjkoster]
mccool: maybe we could add a new issues discussion where we cover this and similar topics
12:58:02 [mjkoster]
matthias: it's related to long term vision
12:58:30 [mjkoster]
zkis: the script/TD discussion has security aspects
12:58:50 [mjkoster]
mccool: want to generalize Alexa to voice interface
12:59:20 [mjkoster]
... there is also the specific Alexa semantic framework
12:59:32 [kaz]
13:00:12 [mjkoster]
matthias: slot for plugfest demo on Wednesday
13:00:38 [mjkoster]
mccool: get posters lined up with the schedule
13:01:04 [mjkoster]
matthias: we need to make the plugfest poster on site
13:01:42 [mjkoster]
mccool: sent out an email about a candidate release for Security Considerations
13:02:12 [McCool]
13:02:21 [mjkoster]
... wee need to review and get consensus to release by the next general (Wednesday the 25th) meeting
13:02:28 [mjkoster]
13:03:04 [mjkoster]
... will integrate more PRs until Monday
13:03:33 [mjkoster]
matthias: what is Sushi?
13:03:36 [kaz]
-> PlugFest demo breakout proposal
13:03:39 [mjkoster]
... rawgit
13:04:32 [mkovatsc],_4-10_November_2017,_Burlingame,_CA,_USA#Joint_meetings_with_related_groups_--_Please_add_your_name_under_the_groups
13:04:38 [mjkoster]
matthias: who is going to observe and attend other groups at TPAC? please update the wiku
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13:04:45 [mjkoster]
13:05:00 [mkovatsc]
13:05:22 [kaz]
i|https|kaz: demo proposal as part of breakout sessions above|
13:05:25 [kaz]
ack k
13:05:49 [mjkoster]
13:05:49 [kaz]
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rrsagent, draft minutes
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