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14:50:51 [vivien]
Topic: WebRTC Virtual Interim
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RRSAgent, make logs public
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Chair: Stefan, Bernard
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hey :)
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Chair: Stefan, Bernard, Harald
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15:00:51 [dom]
15:01:22 [vivien]
[recording is now in progress]
15:02:02 [dom]
Present+ Vivien_Lacourba, Bernard_Aboba, Cullen_Jennings, Harald_Alvestrand, Lennart_Grahl, Patrick_Rockhill, Randell_Jesup, Shim, Soares_Chen, Stefan_Hakansson, Tim_Panton
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15:03:07 [dom]
ScribeNick: stefanh
15:03:31 [stefanh]
Bernard: for discussion today slide shown
15:03:35 [dom]
Present+ Adam_Bergkvist
15:04:06 [stefanh]
Taylor on 1178/1406.
15:04:20 [dom]
Present+ Taylor_Brandstetter
15:04:28 [stefanh]
...according to decisions made at previous VIs
15:05:36 [vivien]
s;Taylor on 1178/1406;Issue 1178/PR 1623: Need to describe when ICE and DTLS transport objects are created/changed (Taylor);
15:06:00 [vivien]
-> Issue 1178
15:06:03 [stefanh]
...slides 10 - 12 shown
15:06:16 [vivien]
-> PR 1623
15:06:40 [stefanh]
Cullen: (question about relation to createOffer / setLocal)
15:07:21 [stefanh]
...worry about discrepancy between spec xxxx and what browsers implement
15:07:42 [stefanh]
...regarding being able to continue to receive e.g. audio
15:08:06 [stefanh]
Taylor: xxx
15:08:15 [stefanh]
Cullen: happy with that
15:09:19 [stefanh]
(looking at PRs)
15:10:14 [stefanh]
Decision: merge 1623 & 1631, and close issues 1178 and 1406
15:11:04 [dom]
Topic: Issue 1283/PR 1570
15:11:15 [dom]
-> Issue 1283
15:11:15 [vivien]
-> Issue 1283
15:11:15 [vivien]
-> PR 1570
15:22:31 [vivien]
present+ Daniel_Burnett
15:28:17 [stefanh]
...not consensus to merge PR1570.
15:28:47 [stefanh]
...perhaps add a bit saying crop if that is what the application desires.
15:29:39 [stefanh]
do not crop could be the default.
15:30:33 [stefanh]
propsal: two modes: center/scale/crop and scale/pad
15:30:43 [stefanh]
probably on sender.
15:30:57 [stefanh]
Randell: do we need "balanced"?
15:31:22 [dom]
Present+ Peter_Bostrom
15:31:47 [dom]
proposed values: "letterbox", "crop" or "auto"
15:32:35 [stefanh]
harald: we should use the terms from html spec
15:33:14 [stefanh]
cullen: not what I'm proposing
15:33:22 [dom]
is what harald is referring to?
15:34:41 [stefanh]
dan: we should use "pad" because we do not know if the result will be pillarbox or letterbox
15:36:28 [stefanh]
cullen: concrete proposal: we add new knob "fill", "contain", "auto"
15:36:32 [dom]
I think this is "cover" rather than "fill"
15:37:11 [stefanh]
...fill equals "center,scale,crop", "fill" means pad, "auto" means auto
15:38:56 [stefanh]
Cullen and Stefan will work with text.
15:40:25 [stefanh]
Justin will be asked to review.
15:40:40 [dom]
and if these 3 agree, we can merge and go to CR with that
15:41:38 [vivien]
Topic: Issue 1625/PR 1632: RTCPriorityType undesirably combines relative bitrate with QoS priority (Taylor)
15:41:39 [vivien]
-> Issue 1625
15:41:39 [vivien]
-> PR 1632
15:41:41 [stefanh]
Taylor on Issue 1625/PR1632
15:42:30 [stefanh]
...QoS mixing bitrate and priority
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15:43:17 [vivien]
Present+ Varun_Singh
15:43:30 [stefanh]
...and to coarse with 1:2:4:8 bitrate choices
15:43:53 [stefanh]
...proposal to add a new knob for relative bitrate
15:44:35 [stefanh]
Harald: as author of the text: if you want to send something with high prio and low bitrate, just set high prio on it
15:55:36 [stefanh]
Long discussion
15:55:49 [stefanh]
will continue in PR
15:56:00 [stefanh]
PeterB media track hints
15:56:05 [vivien]
Topic: Issue 478: Content hints for MediaStreamTrack (Peter Boström)
15:56:05 [vivien]
-> Issue 478
16:08:10 [stefanh]
Long discussion, especially on where this should be placed. Also about default and coupling to constraints.
16:12:49 [stefanh]
Consensus is that this is worth discussing. Many seems to like the idea, but needs more discussion on how, where, when if we decide to do something like this..
16:13:25 [stefanh]
There will be time at TPAC to discuss this further.
16:18:29 [stefanh]
The proposal is implemented in Blink if anyone wants to play with it.
16:18:42 [dom]
-> MediaStreamTrack Content Hints draft proposal
16:18:51 [dom]
-> CR Bug
16:19:11 [dom]
-> Examples of usage of Content Hint
16:22:04 [dom]
I think if we want to ensure sinks adopt these hints, it should be added to
16:22:28 [stefanh]
Dan and Peter will work on this.
16:23:16 [stefanh]
Cullen interested in near / far field speech
16:24:31 [stefanh]
Next topic: 470 (Dan talking)
16:24:43 [vivien]
Topic: Issue 470: Does getSettings() reflect configured or actual settings? (Jan-Ivar)
16:24:43 [vivien]
-> Issue 470
16:25:11 [stefanh]
Dan: does getSettings get actual or configured settings?
16:25:56 [stefanh]
...has been discussed before (camera pan example)
16:29:31 [stefanh]
...original intent was to get the currently use value if the constraints allow a range
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16:33:13 [burn]
the question is whether we have now crossed the threshold for adding a major new feature - finding out the current actual state
16:33:39 [dom]
RRSAgent, draft minutes
16:33:39 [RRSAgent]
I have made the request to generate dom
16:33:39 [burn]
I am not arguing in favor of that, just bringing up the question based on this issue
16:34:45 [vivien]
RRSAgent, draft minutes
16:34:45 [RRSAgent]
I have made the request to generate vivien
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RRSAgent, draft minutes
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I have made the request to generate burn
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