IRC log of wot on 2017-10-04

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rrsagent, bye
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I see no action items
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logging to
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12:02:26 [kaz_]
Meeting: WoT IG/WG
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12:03:06 [kaz_]
present: Kaz_Ashimura, Dave_Raggett, Michael_Koster, Michael_McCool, Ryuichi_Matsukura, Takeshi_Yamada, Uday_Davuluru, Zoltan_Kis
12:03:48 [kaz_]
12:04:03 [kaz_]
present+ Daniel_Peintner
12:04:44 [kaz_]
present+ Sebastian_Kaebisch
12:05:59 [kaz_]
present+ Taki_Kamiya
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12:07:28 [kaz_] TPAC
12:07:35 [kaz_] PlugFest
12:07:44 [kaz_]
kaz: registration sites above
12:08:49 [kaz_]
present+ Soumya_Kanti_Datta
12:09:00 [kaz_]
zakim, pick a scribe
12:09:00 [Zakim]
Not knowing who is chairing or who scribed recently, I propose Kaz_Ashimura
12:09:11 [kaz_]
scribenick: kaz
12:09:22 [kaz_]
present+ Tomoaki_Mizushima
12:09:26 [kaz_]
topic: node-wot update
12:09:39 [kaz_]
dape: cleaning node-wot
12:09:48 [Mizushima_]
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12:09:53 [kaz_]
... still working with Eclipse
12:10:13 [kaz_]
mm: changing the license is good starting point
12:11:16 [kaz_]
kaz: @@@
12:11:19 [kaz_]
... plh and wendy
12:11:25 [kaz_]
... have 2 licenses?
12:11:39 [kaz_]
dape: more complex to have multiple licenses
12:11:42 [ohura]
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12:11:48 [kaz_]
... so having only one license would be easier
12:11:56 [kaz_]
mm: meaning only W3C license?
12:12:07 [kaz_]
dape: yes, and will check again
12:12:57 [kaz_]
... would like to move node-wot repo to eclipse repo
12:13:00 [dape]
12:13:01 [kaz_]
kaz: not the w3c repo?
12:13:19 [kaz_]
mm: let's talk about the detail separately during the Chairs call
12:13:21 [kaz_]
kaz: ok
12:13:31 [kaz_]
topic: IoT dev fest talk
12:13:36 [kaz_]
mm: submitted
12:13:42 [kaz_]
12:13:56 [kaz_]
mm: me and koster invited to give talks
12:14:13 [kaz_]
topic: security workshop
12:14:22 [kaz_]
mm: IEEE S&P proposal rejected
12:14:29 [kaz_]
... so we'll focus on the NDSS one
12:14:42 [kaz_]
topic: editor training
12:15:02 [kaz_]
mm: deferred
12:15:13 [kaz_]
kaz: schedule part could be done during the TF calls
12:15:16 [kaz_]
... e.g., TD
12:15:18 [kaz_]
mm: ok
12:15:27 [kaz_]
topic: TPAC logistics
12:15:32 [kaz_]
mm: 2 registrations
12:15:42 [kaz_]
... please get registered asap
12:15:54 [kaz_]
12:15:54 [kaz_]
12:16:25 [kaz_]
mm: monday, kind of open day
12:16:30 [kaz_]
... meetings with related groups
12:16:36 [kaz_]
... listed on the wiki
12:16:56 [kaz_]
... plugfest preparation
12:17:14 [kaz_]
... weekly call 1 hour before this main call
12:17:33 [kaz_]
... btw, is there any information on the possible dinner?
12:17:53 [kaz_]
kaz: 2 possibilities
12:18:07 [kaz_]
... plugfest dinner or tpac dinner
12:18:46 [kaz_]
12:19:29 [kaz_]
kaz: meetup on Mon, AC dinner on Tue, reception on Wed
12:19:44 [kaz_]
mm: anybody going to the meetup?
12:19:52 [kaz_]
12:20:29 [kaz_]
kaz: possible light reception
12:21:04 [kaz_]
mm: maybe we can have a doodle poll?
12:21:32 [kaz_]
kaz: ok
12:22:04 [kaz_]
... also please get registered with TPAC and PlugFest asap
12:22:15 [kaz_]
mm: plugfest logistics?
12:22:30 [kaz_]
taki: booked a room at Fujitsu facility
12:23:09 [kaz_]
... will ask the security people to accept you in the morning
12:23:37 [kaz_]
... note I'll have the EXI meeting in the evening on Sunday
12:23:57 [kaz_]
... so some people would have difficulty with dinner on Sunday
12:24:12 [kaz_]
topic: Presentations/Discussions
12:24:22 [kaz_]
12:24:26 [kaz_]
topic: TF reports
12:24:39 [kaz_]
topic: TD
12:24:55 [kaz_]
sk: last week we had brainstorming on major changes for TD
12:25:01 [kaz_]
... going to apply in the plugfest
12:25:12 [kaz_]
... went through to see what would be reasonable
12:25:27 [kaz_]
... 2 problems need clarifications this week
12:25:34 [kaz_]
... to be applied to TPAC
12:25:43 [kaz_]
... will continue the discussion this Friday
12:25:54 [kaz_]
topic: Scripting
12:26:06 [kaz_]
zk: mainly discussed Dave's proposal
12:26:25 [kaz_]
... relevant to this main call as well
12:26:34 [kaz_]
... creating remote Things
12:26:46 [kaz_]
mm: create an issue on GitHub?
12:26:59 [kaz_]
zk: this is a big topic recently introduced by Dave
12:27:15 [kaz_]
... would invite you all for comments
12:27:31 [kaz_]
... McCool, you also can put the issue for the security side
12:27:48 [kaz_]
... Dave, maybe you can give some comments?
12:28:36 [kaz_]
12:29:52 [dsr]
12:30:10 [kaz_]
zk: files as an issue for wot
12:30:32 [kaz_]
... should be moved to wot-security
12:31:01 [kaz_]
... btw, wot-security should be linked from the wotwg repo as well
12:31:31 [kaz_]
mm: will add that
12:31:53 [kaz_]
zk: and then move wot/issues/352 to wot-security
12:32:56 [Karen]
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12:32:57 [kaz_]
mm: just added the link to wot-security on wotwg/
12:33:14 [kaz_]
dsr: will move the issue to wot-security
12:33:43 [kaz_]
topic: Binding
12:34:07 [kaz_]
koster: payload structure instead of having separate templates for the whole JSON things
12:34:18 [kaz_]
... I need to generate a new section for the document
12:34:32 [kaz_]
... quite a bit of discussions during the last 2 calls
12:34:38 [kaz_]
... ongoing discussion
12:34:43 [kaz_]
... got some good ideas
12:34:54 [kaz_]
... go forward with the protocols
12:35:10 [kaz_]
... including websocket proposal by Mozilla
12:35:20 [kaz_]
... also how to handle Eventing
12:35:37 [kaz_]
... can listen on websocket but how to handle Events
12:35:48 [kaz_]
... also need to create subscription
12:36:02 [kaz_]
... high level interaction
12:36:19 [kaz_]
... right now just subscribed and get events
12:36:34 [kaz_]
... also push patter
12:36:40 [kaz_]
12:36:57 [kaz_]
... how Events go out
12:37:12 [kaz_]
... and what protocol binding looks like at proxy
12:37:33 [kaz_]
... automatically subscribed to some Thing
12:37:47 [kaz_]
... need to figure out the schedule
12:38:01 [kaz_]
topic: Security
12:38:10 [kaz_]
mm: Elena was not available
12:38:16 [kaz_]
... so cleaned up the existing issues
12:38:27 [kaz_]
... e.g., the threat model
12:38:41 [McCool]
12:38:54 [kaz_]
mm: rendered version above
12:39:22 [kaz_]
... lot of Editors notes to fill in missing pieces
12:39:32 [kaz_]
... entire threat model has been included here
12:39:49 [kaz_]
... also some scenario
12:40:01 [kaz_]
... still missing industry scenario, etc.
12:40:19 [kaz_]
... also still working with the working branch
12:40:34 [kaz_]
... Elena working on use cases
12:40:51 [kaz_]
... cleaned up references
12:41:14 [kaz_]
... please file issues if any problems
12:41:54 [kaz_]
... all the stuff of the threat model has definition
12:42:14 [kaz_]
topic: AOB
12:42:19 [kaz_]
mm: anything?
12:42:34 [dsr]
12:42:38 [kaz_]
kaz: please get registered asap!
12:43:04 [dape]
q+ to editor traning now
12:43:27 [kaz_]
... the deadline for early registration is Oct 6
12:43:32 [dape]
ack dape
12:43:32 [Zakim]
dape, you wanted to editor traning now
12:43:51 [mjkoster]
I need to drop off early
12:44:02 [kaz_]
12:44:28 [kaz_]
12:44:30 [kaz-win]
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12:44:35 [kaz_]
12:48:12 [Mizushima]
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12:52:57 [sebastian]
12:54:06 [kaz_]
ack s
12:54:10 [McCool]
12:54:15 [kaz_]
sk: how does that work?
12:55:13 [kaz_]
kaz: TCs help you
12:55:14 [kaz_]
12:55:28 [kaz_]
ack m
12:55:47 [kaz_]
mm: what about wot-security?
12:55:58 [kaz_]
kaz: wot-security is WG note, so we don't need this
12:56:04 [kaz_]
ack d
12:56:07 [dsr]
Just to say that I have been invited to give a presentation on behalf of W3C to a European Commission workshop on October 17, see
12:56:26 [kaz_]
i/Just/topic: AOB/
12:57:03 [kaz_]
mm: when?
12:57:07 [kaz_]
dsr: oct. 17
12:57:21 [kaz_]
mm: Yongjing also give some talk ato some event
12:57:31 [kaz_]
... we could share information
12:57:41 [kaz_]
... can review your slides as well
12:57:50 [kaz_]
dsr: not too much technical
12:58:16 [kaz_]
mm: we need to work together
12:58:31 [kaz_]
kaz: there was a specific area for presentatiosn
12:58:56 [kaz_]
mm: we should collaborate to generate some standard slides
12:59:02 [kaz_]
12:59:23 [kaz_]
mm: maybe we can check with Yongjing as well
12:59:33 [kaz_]
dsr: Yongjing will be back next week
12:59:44 [kaz_]
... can talk with you, Michael McCool, this week
13:00:01 [kaz_]
sk: wall-up poster on WoT core ideas?
13:00:16 [kaz_]
... for Wednesday demo during TPAC?
13:00:35 [kaz_]
mm: let's discuss it next week
13:01:01 [kaz_]
kaz: meaning the banner posters
13:01:04 [kaz_]
sk: yes
13:01:14 [kaz_]
mm: will add that to the next agenda
13:01:35 [kaz_]
sk: we can find the previous one as the starting point
13:01:38 [kaz_]
dape: yes
13:02:05 [kaz_]
mm: added that to the agenda for Oct 11
13:02:14 [kaz_]
13:02:36 [dape]
13:03:02 [kaz_]
rrsagent, make log public
13:03:08 [kaz_]
rrsagent, draft minutes
13:03:08 [RRSAgent]
I have made the request to generate kaz_
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