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Meeting: XForms Users Community Group Teleconference
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Date: 04 October 2017
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Chair: Steven
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Present: Alain, Erik, Philip, Steven
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Topic: Call next week
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Steven: I am chairing that, so no call next week.
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ACTION-2140 - Check google library for support of extension numbers in
13:02:58 [Steven]
telephone numbers
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Erik: I sent a message
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Erik: Still to do
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Topic: Dynamic dependencies
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Erik: I reread the section
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... the thing I was suggesting was an example that demonstrates the problem.
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13:06:47 [Steven]
... the key role is the tree of binds pointing to things,
13:07:42 [Steven]
... the example with capitals is one we could use to illustrate the problem.
13:07:56 [Steven]
... my example is not entirely realistic.
13:08:04 [Steven]
... setvalue isa bit contrived
13:08:09 [Steven]
s/isa/is a/
13:09:35 [Steven]
Steven: I'd be happy with a better example if you can come up with one.
13:10:29 [Steven]
Erik: THe problem definitely occurs. THe trick is to find a realistic example.
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Erik: The text should make it very clear.
13:11:51 [Steven]
Steven: WIll it be hard to find a realistic example?
13:11:59 [Steven]
Erik: I need to think a little more.
13:13:12 [Steven]
Steven: Let's discuss again in two weeks again.
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Topic: setvalue on a nodeset
13:13:43 [Steven]
13:15:08 [Steven]
Steven: As Erik points out, there is a way using @iterate
13:15:36 [Steven]
... there is a backwards compatibility issue if we just change setvalue now
13:15:48 [Steven]
Steven: Leave as is?
13:15:54 [Steven]
Erik: Include an example!
13:16:10 [Steven]
ACTION: Steven to include an example with setvalue iterate.
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Created ACTION-2141 - Include an example with setvalue iterate. [on Steven Pemberton - due 2017-10-11].
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Topic: Alert MIP Proposal
13:16:27 [Steven]
13:18:48 [Steven]
Steven: While thinking about adding alert to the model, it struck me that alert is part of a greater group, and why not the others, label, hint, etc.
13:19:39 [Steven]
Steven: This has a lot of stuff to think about so maybe it's better if you go off and read it and we discuss next time.
13:19:54 [Steven]
Erik: Are multiple constraints already in XForms 2?
13:19:56 [Steven]
Steven: Yes
13:20:08 [Steven]
Steven: I'll put it on the agneda for next time.
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Topic: AOB
13:20:53 [Steven]
Steven: XML Prague call is coming soon. I plan to submit.
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