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zakim, delete agendum 6
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agendum 6, escapes article update, dropped
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zakim, delete agendum 7
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agendum 7, TTML issue closing, dropped
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trackbot, prepare teleconference
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Meeting: Internationalization Working Group Teleconference
14:49:06 [trackbot]
Date: 24 August 2017
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Chair: Addison Phillips
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ScribeNick: addison
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present+ Steven
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15:03:47 [addison]
zakim, who is here?
15:03:47 [Zakim]
Present: JcK, Bert, r12a, David, Addison, (IRC, only), Steven
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On IRC I see Steve_Atkin, RRSAgent, addison, r12a, bigbluehat, Bert, Zakim, trackbot, fantasai, koji
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zakim, take up agendum 1
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agendum 1. "agenda" taken up [from addison]
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zakim, take up agendum 2
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agendum 2. "action items" taken up [from addison]
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present+ JcK
15:06:05 [addison]
close action-614
15:06:05 [trackbot]
Closed action-614.
15:06:55 [addison]
15:06:55 [trackbot]
action-643 -- Richard Ishida to Close ttml issues -- due 2017-08-24 -- OPEN
15:06:55 [trackbot]
15:07:08 [addison]
richard: a couple where there need to make notes, so haven't closed those
15:07:11 [addison]
close action-643
15:07:11 [trackbot]
Closed action-643.
15:07:24 [addison]
15:07:24 [trackbot]
action-644 -- Richard Ishida to Add the language use case to string meta article -- due 2017-08-24 -- OPEN
15:07:24 [trackbot]
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close action-644
15:07:26 [trackbot]
Closed action-644.
15:07:34 [addison]
zakim, take up agendum 3
15:07:34 [Zakim]
agendum 3. "info share" taken up [from addison]
15:07:55 [addison]
15:08:18 [addison]
richard: advanced publishing lab set up
15:08:22 [addison]
... links have info
15:08:31 [addison]
... using jlreq as a source for some of the work they do
15:08:49 [addison]
... hopefully doing gap analysis and looking at things that need to be priortized and worked on
15:09:05 [addison]
addison: possiblity of contributing upates to jlreq?
15:09:13 [addison]
richard: hoping that might happen, floated idea
15:09:20 [addison]
... want to form a task force at w3c at some point
15:09:33 [addison]
... to make gap analysis happen, probably not until next year
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15:10:12 [r12a]
15:10:27 [addison]
richard: been thinking about things related to how we handle requirements side of stuff
15:10:40 [addison]
... motivated by discussions about improving funding, etc. for i18n
15:10:59 [addison]
... one of the question is: can we not say the top 100 languages in the world
15:11:08 [addison]
... these are supported at level x or y
15:11:13 [addison]
... these not supported, etc.
15:11:18 [addison]
... playing with ideas
15:11:22 [addison]
... not straightforward
15:11:32 [addison]
... sometimes there's only one feature broken
15:11:37 [addison]
... sometimes the language but not the dialects
15:11:42 [addison]
... language in 2 scripts, etc.
15:11:50 [addison]
... which tech css, html, etc.
15:12:01 [addison]
... all those problems, but seems like interesting exercise
15:12:13 [addison]
... above link is early mock up of what it could look like
15:13:38 [addison]
richard: colors indicate ability to use language on the web
15:13:46 [addison]
... throw that out in case anyone has ideas
15:13:54 [addison]
... if you scroll down to Javanese
15:14:23 [addison]
... link there is to a mockup of gap analysis
15:14:35 [addison]
... type in description of issues if any
15:14:39 [addison]
... could get input that way
15:14:50 [addison]
... also occured as a better way to do TF work
15:15:03 [addison]
... better than trying to document how script works
15:15:16 [addison]
... maybe start with gap analysis, quicker
15:15:22 [addison]
... and then doc requirements to fill gaps
15:15:22 [David]
Zakim, present+
15:15:29 [addison]
... any thoughts?
15:15:50 [addison]
jck: one comment, need to handle carefully the choice of languages
15:23:27 [addison]
bert: is this for working groups or for content authors?
15:23:42 [addison]
richard: this is from jeff jaffe's idea to some degree
15:23:57 [addison]
... original impetus, but from me, I would hope this would provoke people to work on gaps
15:24:03 [addison]
... come to grips with gaps
15:24:21 [addison]
... probably need to be tech specific
15:24:29 [addison]
... page on javanese for example is on html/css
15:24:37 [addison]
... for people who want to use on the web
15:24:45 [addison]
... could be ordinary users
15:24:59 [addison]
... but also define advanced users, as defined by speakers
15:25:10 [addison]
... like dealing with paged media, such as ebooks
15:25:15 [addison]
... covers a range of people
15:25:48 [addison]
15:26:05 [addison]
zakim, take up agendum 4
15:26:05 [Zakim]
agendum 4. "radar and active work review" taken up [from addison]
15:26:11 [addison]
15:29:10 [addison]
15:30:02 [addison]
15:30:16 [addison]
zakim, take up agendum 8
15:30:16 [Zakim]
agendum 8. "" taken up [from r12a]
15:30:43 [addison]
issue title: Hinting at a translation language for outgoing links
15:30:51 [addison]
the issue title: Hinting at a translation language for outgoing links
15:31:27 [addison]
richard: links from an Indian page to an English article, browser may not be set to request their language
15:31:58 [addison]
... wouldn't it be good if content-author could put in a tag that says "translate this content to language xxx"
15:32:20 [addison]
addison: that would result in an Accept-Language header?
15:32:40 [addison]
richard: they haven't talked about that bit
15:32:54 [addison]
... plenty of cases where it's not a good idea
15:33:13 [addison]
... how could you know what language I prefer to read the page in?
15:34:27 [addison]
addison: probably want options for "in the language of this page" and "in the language my browser it set to"
15:34:36 [addison]
richard: a lot of browsers are set wrong
15:36:41 [addison]
richard: make it easier to use language settings in browsers
15:38:04 [addison]
addison: opposite of what browser vendors have been doing
15:38:35 [addison]
action: addison: remind working group to read whatwg html issue 2945 for discussion next telecon
15:38:36 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-645 - Remind working group to read whatwg html issue 2945 for discussion next telecon [on Addison Phillips - due 2017-08-31].
15:38:50 [addison]
zakim, take up agendum 5
15:38:50 [Zakim]
agendum 5. "string-meta" taken up [from addison]
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15:39:29 [addison]
15:40:27 [addison]
richard: some descriptions of things that don't work. do we need to add?
15:40:29 [addison]
addison: yes
15:41:06 [addison]
richard: sent a bunch of comments in a pull request
15:41:35 [addison]
addison: will review
15:42:45 [r12a]
15:42:46 [addison]
richard: strings and bidi article
15:42:55 [addison]
... can take an action
15:43:01 [addison]
... been out for wide review, should we publish
15:43:12 [addison]
Topic: strings and bidi article
15:43:37 [addison]
addison: any objections to publishing"
15:43:49 [addison]
action: richard: publish strings-and-bidi article
15:43:49 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-646 - Publish strings-and-bidi article [on Richard Ishida - due 2017-08-31].
15:44:02 [addison]
richard: will publish panels/cards as images (alas!)
15:44:41 [addison]
addison: have the html source somewhere?
15:44:52 [addison]
richard: try to figure it out, "see how it works in your browser"
15:45:50 [addison]
richard: wanted to do this for months, perhaps years
15:46:02 [addison]
... gather all the issues in one place
15:46:22 [addison]
... if you think of other issues, please let me know!!
15:46:27 [addison]
15:46:38 [addison]
Topic: AOB?
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zakim, bye
15:47:31 [Zakim]
leaving. As of this point the attendees have been JcK, Bert, r12a, David, Addison, (IRC, only), Steven
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rrsagent, make minutes
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