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Meeting: Silver Task Force Teleconference
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Date: 18 August 2017
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agenda+ Copyright discussion
13:34:53 [Lauriat]
agenda+ What translation services will we need? Brainstorming.
13:34:57 [Lauriat]
agenda+ Budget
13:35:03 [Lauriat]
agenda+ Research project sheet review
13:35:05 [Lauriat]
agenda+ Open action items review
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Zakim, take up item 2
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agendum 2. "What translation services will we need? Brainstorming." taken up [from Lauriat]
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13:39:36 [SarahHorton]
13:45:44 [Lauriat]
Dave: Have some volunteers to translate, including Portuguese (not specifically requested), organized in a spreadsheet in the Drive folder.
13:46:27 [Lauriat]
Dave: To clarify, the request included translation of responses as well, not just the survey.
13:46:57 [Lauriat]
…will reply to the Portuguese translator positively, though not on our list, so that we can expand our reach.
13:47:21 [Lauriat]
…next question: what do we want them to translate? Are we ready to answer that question?
13:48:10 [Lauriat]
Jeanne: I think that relates to our next agenda item, but we should ask our currently active researcher about translation of the survey out there.
13:48:46 [Lauriat]
Sarah: I'll do that.
13:49:46 [jeanne]
agenda+ coordination followup with Diary participants
13:51:06 [jeanne]
13:51:14 [Lauriat]
Zakim, take up item 3
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agendum 3. "Budget" taken up [from Lauriat]
13:51:40 [Lauriat]
Jeanne: I did more work on the budget, starting a spreadsheet. I have some questions I wanted to talk through to help drive it.
13:55:07 [Lauriat]
…I split it up into four sections. Research project support, with gift cards. I put in an estimate based on feedback from one researcher, but should we include anything else here?
13:56:02 [Lauriat]
Dave: Open ended. I can't really think of anything else at the moment aside from gift cards that we'd want to seek funding for.
13:56:22 [Lauriat]
…for the rest, we leave it to the researchers to figure out how to get funding for in order to contribute to Silver.
13:57:01 [Lauriat]
Jeanne: Next up we have travel costs for people with disabilities in order to take part in the workshop.
13:57:39 [Lauriat]
…I would guess that we would have three people to support in joining the workshop.
13:58:24 [Lauriat]
…the next item, the workshop itself, I don't currently have access to the W3C materials on this, but have it started from memory.
13:58:51 [Lauriat]
…How many people do we want to attend this workshop? I put in 30, but want to discuss how big we want this workshop to be.
13:59:42 [Lauriat]
…with a W3C workshop, in order for people to attend, they need to write a paper. This narrows down the attendance and focuses it on the people interested enough to do the work.
14:01:11 [Lauriat]
Sarah: Quick question on this: one factor of the size will be the objective of the workshop and desired outcomes.
14:01:33 [Lauriat]
Jeanne: We haven't gone through this in detail and certainly not at all in months.
14:02:03 [Lauriat]
…one milestone along the way: we'd have a workshop to report on the research, bring together ideas from people in the industry, and build the prototype.
14:03:00 [Lauriat]
Sarah: So this would be a design studio to get people to design and build prototypes. The first day would get everybody on the same page and then the second day would have the people building the prototypes.
14:03:32 [Lauriat]
…from a design studio perspective, you wouldn't really want more than around 30, certainly not more than 40. 20 is a good minimum.
14:04:46 [Lauriat]
Dave: Thinking through the logistics, at this point we'd have collected all of the research contributed to Silver, with a standard template for researchers to report their findings, so that all of the participants will have read the research and have all of that knowledge up front.
14:05:10 [Lauriat]
…I don't think it'd be appropriate or reasonable to expect the researchers to come to CSUN to present.
14:05:13 [Lauriat]
Jeanne: Right.
14:05:48 [Lauriat]
Jeanne: We could organize people by topic to debate each of the topics that come up.
14:06:11 [Lauriat]
Sarah: We should make sure to start out knowing our objective in order to ensure we get what we need.
14:06:14 [Lauriat]
Jeanne: Absolutely.
14:07:50 [Lauriat]
Dave: We have the research questions for what we know we want to gather. What's the scope of what it should cover, different dimensions.
14:08:00 [Lauriat]
Jeanne: That's good, thank you!
14:08:17 [Lauriat]
Sarah: Does this get you what you need for the budget?
14:08:31 [Lauriat]
Jeanne: Yes. Let's just plan on 40.
14:09:00 [Lauriat]
Jan: The other thing to consider: we may need different kinds of people for day one vs. day two.
14:10:00 [Lauriat]
…also, people may want to come, but will not want to write the paper.
14:10:12 [Lauriat]
…How do we accommodate them?
14:10:35 [Lauriat]
Jeanne: We definitely have to circle back and discuss this in detail.
14:12:14 [sloandr]
+1 to not requiring all workshop participants to submit and present a paper. For many participants, their contribution will be considering the research we've already gathered, and working to turn that into a set of requirements for AG (for example)
14:20:40 [Lauriat]
(Discussion on expenses for accommodations, food, A/V, etc. for the not-at-CSUN location of the workshop)
14:21:48 [Lauriat]
Zakim, take up item 4
14:21:48 [Zakim]
agendum 4. "Research project sheet review" taken up [from Lauriat]
14:28:05 [jeanne]
Dave: Abby has started and is looking for wiki space.
14:28:50 [jeanne]
Jeanne: She can't easily contribute to the Silver TF space without Abby being a member of the WCAG WG, which isn't easy. We need to find her other space.
14:29:04 [jeanne]
action: Jeanne to find wiki space for researchers to use.
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Created ACTION-112 - Find wiki space for researchers to use. [on Jeanne F Spellman - due 2017-08-25].
14:30:13 [jeanne]
Jan: Shari and Scott Hollier are working on getting the COGA literature review incorporated into the Silver Lit Review
14:30:43 [jeanne]
... other researchers are no contact, or a meeting is scheduled.
14:31:17 [jeanne]
... Klaus got his research project approved for a grant. This will be related to cogintive disabilities and access to visual content.
14:31:57 [jeanne]
... he is going to do a special addition of the science track for CSUN on web accessibility and WCAG 2.0 updates and Silver
14:32:19 [sloandr]
For interest to Silver TF members—RQTF has been focusing on gathering information on the implications of accessibility on emerging trends in authentication and in virtual reality. This work is is response to requests from other W3C WGs for information to support their activities, but clearly has potential relevance to Silver.
14:33:00 [jeanne]
topic: Update from Research Questions Task Force
14:34:00 [jeanne]
Dave: Recently RQTF has been working on virtual reality, authentication, @@
14:34:41 [jeanne]
s/@@/ and personalization
14:35:50 [jeanne]
... the specific research discussion is happening and want to make sure that Silver is aware of the work that is going on .
14:36:41 [jeanne]
Jan: Personalization is easily misunderstood. There was a good article on personalization and students with learning disabilities.
14:37:43 [jeanne]
Dave: Also RQTF did some work on CAPTCHA at the request of the AGWG who want to update their guidance.
14:38:01 [jeanne]
zakim, take up next
14:38:01 [Zakim]
agendum 1. "Copyright discussion" taken up [from Lauriat]
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Zakim, take up item 6
14:38:03 [Zakim]
agendum 6. "coordination followup with Diary participants" taken up [from jeanne]
14:38:06 [sloandr]
RQTF's contribution to the update on W3C's Accessibility and CAPTCHA Note is available at
14:39:33 [Lauriat]
Jeanne: I sent out emails to contacts and expect to have names next week in Australia, Japan, and Jemma will look for someone in Korea to participate.
14:40:46 [jeanne]
action: jeanne to reach out for diary project participants in Australia and Japan
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Created ACTION-113 - Reach out for diary project participants in australia and japan [on Jeanne F Spellman - due 2017-08-25].
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action: jeanne with Jennison to reach out for diary project participants in the Bay Area.
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Created ACTION-114 - With jennison to reach out for diary project participants in the bay area. [on Jeanne F Spellman - due 2017-08-25].
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Zakim, take up item 5
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agendum 5. "Open action items review" taken up [from Lauriat]
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close action-97 done
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close action-97
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Closed action-97.
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action: Dave Sloan to draw up a plan for surveys, that includes asking for translation support. Associated with action-94
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action: sloandr to draw up a plan for surveys, that includes asking for translation support. Associated with action-94
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Created ACTION-115 - Draw up a plan for surveys, that includes asking for translation support. associated with action-94 [on David Sloan - due 2017-08-25].
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action-93 due 18 August
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Set action-93 Write a blog post on the silver position on internationalization and translation into other languages due date to 2017-08-18.
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action-97 due 18-August
14:50:48 [trackbot]
Set action-97 Set up public project list so it can be referenced from david's blog post. due date to 2017-08-18.
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close action-93
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Closed action-93.
14:51:44 [jeanne]
action-107 due 8 September
14:51:44 [trackbot]
Set action-107 Contact mikep about silver workshop around csun 2018 march 19-23 2018 due date to 2017-09-08.
14:52:37 [jeanne]
action-110 due 25 August
14:52:37 [trackbot]
Set action-110 Coordinate outreach to identify participants in dave swallow's diary project due date to 2017-08-25.
14:53:14 [jeanne]
action-94 due 25 August
14:53:15 [trackbot]
Set action-94 Start work on question bank due date to 2017-08-25.
14:53:48 [jeanne]
action-99 due 25 August
14:53:48 [trackbot]
Set action-99 Draw up budget based on notes from david and discussion in the tf meeting. due date to 2017-08-25.
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topic: Regrets
14:54:34 [jeanne]
Shawn and Sarah regrets for Tuesday.
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ACTION: jeanne to reach out for diary project participants in Australia and Japan [2]
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ACTION: jeanne with Jennison to reach out for diary project participants in the Bay Area. [3]
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ACTION: Dave Sloan to draw up a plan for surveys, that includes asking for translation support. Associated with action-94 [4]
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