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06:32:03 [kaz]
Meeting: WoT WG - TD-TF
06:32:14 [kaz]
present+ Kaz, Dave, Koster, Uday
06:32:49 [kaz]
present+ Daniel
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06:33:34 [kaz]
present+ Sebastian
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scribenick: mjkoster
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regrets: Maria, Soumya
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regrets+ Benjamin
06:36:51 [mjkoster]
sebastian: invited Mozilla to talk about their TD proposal
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present+ DarkoAnicic
06:37:15 [kaz]
-> July 26 main call minutes
06:37:43 [mjkoster]
...topics: what is our feedback on the Mozilla proposal?
06:38:02 [mjkoster]
...what is needed in the TD update?
06:38:06 [kaz]
i|invited Mozilla|topic: Summary of Wednesday's call about the member submission of Mozilla --> what are the next steps?|
06:38:10 [mjkoster]
... vocabulary
06:38:43 [mjkoster]
... issues and current status
06:38:54 [mjkoster]
.. any other topics?
06:39:23 [mjkoster]
...1st point, what was the outcome?
06:39:26 [kaz]
s|topic: Summary of Wednesday's call about the member submission of Mozilla --> what are the next steps?|topic: Agenda bashing|
06:39:39 [kaz]
topic: Summary of Wednesday's call about the member submission of Mozilla --> what are the next steps?
06:39:41 [mjkoster]
s/outcome/outcome of the Mozilla discussion
06:40:05 [kaz]
-> July 26 minutes
06:40:18 [kaz]
06:40:58 [kaz]
-> Ben's blog
06:41:25 [mjkoster]
dsr: Mozilla prefer to contribute to the IG, since the approach is still being developed
06:41:30 [kaz]
-> Ben's proposal
06:42:46 [mjkoster]
sebastian: the Mozilla proposal is similar to Dave's proposal
06:45:39 [DarkoAnicic]
06:45:39 [kaz]
present+ Achille_Zappa
06:45:45 [dape]
06:45:46 [mjkoster]
mkoster: Mozilla produced an example with @context and @type used as an extension
06:46:07 [kaz]
06:47:19 [mjkoster]
sebastian: seems like syntactic sugar
06:47:30 [kaz]
ack darko
06:47:34 [mjkoster]
dsr: syntactic sugar is important to developers
06:48:27 [mjkoster]
darko: the reason for using RDF is extension to the harder use cases
06:48:44 [dsr]
[We’ve seen the importance of notations with the dominance of Turtle vs RDF/XML and JSON vs XML
06:49:08 [mjkoster]
darko: RDF is needed to process the data in the more complex applications
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06:49:44 [kaz]
06:49:45 [kaz]
06:50:05 [dsr]
+q to note that it is very easy to formally convert JSON to triples using default context and a simple algorthm - we can easily apply validation and semantic processing
06:50:10 [mjkoster]
darko: the usefulness for industry applications is more important than the way the file looks
06:51:04 [mjkoster]
sebastian: there should be a default mapping to RDF from the simple json
06:51:16 [kaz]
present+ Yongjing
06:52:37 [kaz]
06:52:39 [kaz]
06:52:41 [kaz]
06:53:28 [mjkoster]
dape: same comment as darko, the difference is marginal and potential large impact
06:54:08 [mjkoster]
dape: can JSON-LD 1.1 and shape languages work together?
06:54:39 [mjkoster]
dsr: shape constraints work on triples, so yes
06:55:16 [dape]
ack dape
06:55:33 [mjkoster]
sebastian: would like to hear from
06:56:17 [mjkoster]
darko: they use rdfa on web pages
06:56:36 [kaz]
06:57:04 [kaz]
ack k
06:57:13 [mjkoster]
sebastian: the Mozilla proposal doesn't focus on mapping to RDF
06:57:27 [dsr]
06:58:10 [mjkoster]
kaz: to summarize, Mozilla was not interested in scripting API but is interested in TD serialization and protocol binding
06:58:12 [dsr]
06:59:07 [kaz]
kaz: @@2
06:59:15 [mjkoster]
... Matthias asked Mozilla to bring specific proposals to the IG, we can evaluate them at that time
06:59:47 [kaz]
s/kaz: @@2//
07:00:30 [kaz]
07:00:33 [kaz]
ack d
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07:00:55 [mjkoster]
07:01:16 [kaz]
s/at that time/at that time. I also asked him to join the IG officially and he's now checking within Mozilla for the procedure./
07:01:28 [kaz]
ack m
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07:03:08 [kaz]
present+ Victor
07:04:21 [mjkoster]
sebastian: also having the serialization discussion JSON-LD vs. ttl in iotschema
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07:04:29 [mjkoster]
07:04:54 [mjkoster]
topic: next TD deliverables
07:05:38 [mjkoster]
...dsr proposal for organizing deliverables; issue 19
07:06:15 [kaz]
-> issue 19
07:06:19 [mjkoster]
dsr: follow best practices for vocabularies
07:07:41 [mjkoster]
dsr: specification document describing the vocabulary and serialization
07:10:13 [mjkoster]
victor: wrote a script to generate tables from the vocabulary files
07:10:21 [kaz]
-> @@@ victor's write-up tbd
07:10:31 [kaz]
07:11:41 [mjkoster]
victor: update the turtle file and automatically generate the HTML
07:12:22 [dape]
q+ mention primer info
07:12:28 [dape]
07:12:48 [kaz]
ack k
07:13:29 [mjkoster]
kaz: would victor send the information to the member list?
07:13:44 [victor]
07:14:07 [mjkoster]
kaz: also send email
07:14:41 [dsr]
q+ to ask if we should put the script into the HTML for autogeneration of the vocab entries
07:14:54 [mjkoster]
kaz: to clarify, the Mozilla document is not a member submission
07:15:05 [kaz]
s/to clarify/btw, to clarify/
07:15:36 [mjkoster]
dape: should there be a quick start in the beginning of the document, or a separate document?
07:16:01 [kaz]
s/not a member submission/not an official W3C Member submission though it used the specific CSS and had a title of "member submission"./
07:16:04 [mjkoster]
dsr: agree on separate primer document
07:16:54 [mjkoster]
sebastian: JSON-LD has a good example of a primer
07:19:18 [dape]
ack dape
07:19:47 [mjkoster]
kaz: editor meeting doodle in progress, waiting for all of the responses
07:20:14 [mjkoster] far August 2nd, 1pm Europe time
07:21:05 [mjkoster]
topic: vocabularies in the TD name space
07:21:37 [kaz]
-> TD namespace file
07:22:45 [mjkoster]
issues around how to organize the HTML, htaccess, etc
07:23:56 [mjkoster]
victor: we need to decide on content negotiation for a set of media types
07:24:48 [mjkoster]
s/types/types and directories
07:25:53 [mjkoster]
kaz: clarify our requirements and talk with the W3C system team
07:26:32 [dsr]
Best practice recipes for publishing RDF vocabularies
07:27:43 [dsr]
which talks about apache .htaccess files
07:27:44 [DarkoAnicic]
07:27:48 [dsr]
07:29:05 [DarkoAnicic]
WoT Onotolgy (current location): already serves few formats, e.g., turtle, XML...
07:32:11 [mjkoster]
topic: iotschema vocabulary
07:32:39 [kaz]
-> issue 18
07:32:59 [victor]
07:33:07 [mjkoster]
sebastian: organize a plan of action so we can track the activity
07:33:11 [dsr]
ack Dar
07:33:59 [kaz]
s/clarify our requirements/let's clarify our requirements, e.g., on the Member list (
07:34:05 [mjkoster]
...including milestones
07:34:44 [mjkoster]
...also report/tracking of the protocol binding activity
07:35:04 [kaz]
s/Europe time/Europe time is the best candidate because all the responded Editors can make it./
07:35:15 [kaz]
07:35:18 [mjkoster]
...also would like to set up the same for TD serialization
07:36:00 [mjkoster]
...metadata for protocol bindings and dynamic URIs - discussion for 3 weeks from now
07:36:30 [mjkoster]
...JSON-schema to RDF
07:37:05 [mjkoster]
...use github milestones
07:37:51 [kaz]
07:38:06 [kaz]
ack v
07:38:58 [kaz]
[ adjourned ]
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rrsagent, make log public
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rrsagent, draft minutes
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I have made the request to generate kaz
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