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present+ Kaz_Ashimura, Danh_Le_Phuoc, Darko_Anicic, Michael_Koster
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->,_9-13_July_2017,_D%C3%BCsseldorf,_Germany#Agenda Dusseldorf f2f agenda
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-> Dusseldolf f2f minutes
14:10:38 [DanhLePhuoc]
we're currently have 3 tracks in LD task forces but only the outcomes of two tracks were presented at the F2F
14:10:55 [kaz]
i|scribenick:|topic: f2f recap
14:11:19 [DanhLePhuoc]
there are two streams of on vocabularies
14:11:47 [DanhLePhuoc]
the first one is on advocating in bridging ontologies
14:12:24 [DarkoAnicic] :
14:12:48 [DanhLePhuoc]
and another one is leaning towards building by leading by michael koster
14:14:10 [DanhLePhuoc]
there're several separated efforts in annotating semantics/ontologies to TD
14:14:58 [DanhLePhuoc]
but quite some of them have some difficulties in dealing with ontologies and SW technologies and lack of devices during F2F
14:18:17 [DanhLePhuoc]
right now there's no use of TD repository because there's no user interface to query/discover the repository to find usable things
14:21:26 [mjkoster]
danh: provide a json interface for queries?
14:22:30 [mjkoster]
danh: basic vocabulary to discover things
14:24:46 [mjkoster]
darko: doing semantic queries was the difficulty
14:26:54 [mjkoster]
mkoster: maybe we need a template based discovery system where you fill out a TD type template to express what you need
14:27:03 [mjkoster]
mkoster: looks like part of a recipe
14:27:54 [mjkoster]
darko: may be an approximate match using a recipe to compose a possible solution from different ingredients
14:30:28 [mjkoster]
darko: servients register TDs to the repository and can be discovered "bottom-up" but it doesnt work very well
14:30:42 [mjkoster]
darko: top-down may be a better solution
14:31:02 [mjkoster]
...using recipes
14:31:24 [mjkoster]
...servient to servient
14:31:47 [mjkoster]
danh: who will create the recipes?
14:32:14 [mjkoster]
darko: created by humans who want to create an application
14:36:16 [mjkoster]
danh: will we put this into the best practices?
14:36:43 [mjkoster]
darko: we should look at use cases for discovery and decide what the better pattern is
14:37:02 [kaz]
14:37:24 [mjkoster] or bottom up... the current pattern is not working because it is difficult for usere to form sparql queries
14:37:49 [kaz]
14:37:53 [mjkoster]
danh: turn recipes into sparql queries or make simple js language
14:38:06 [mjkoster]
darko: what kind of discovery API is needed
14:38:18 [mjkoster]
14:38:21 [mjkoster]
14:39:20 [mjkoster]
kaz: what is the target? local area? could use mDNS/bonjour on a local network
14:39:55 [mjkoster]
kaz: what is the new 21st century DNS for web of things?
14:40:43 [mjkoster]
danh: we also need to think about discovery above the network layer
14:41:13 [mjkoster]
kaz: is it the assumption that TD repository contains all of the addresses?
14:41:25 [mjkoster]
danh: yes, everything will be in TD
14:42:05 [mjkoster]
kaz: there may be some use for network discovery, finding a link
14:42:10 [kaz]
14:45:15 [kaz]
kaz: think there are several states, e.g., IDLE, AVAILABLE, and we need to think about how to handle those states using management thing api or LD recipe
14:46:13 [mjkoster]
14:46:16 [kaz]
s/what is the new/do we need some new/
14:47:23 [DanhLePhuoc]
DarkoAnicic: which task forces are managing the discovery requirements?
14:47:28 [kaz]
ack k
14:47:29 [kaz]
ack m
14:48:57 [DanhLePhuoc]
TD TF is discussing a bit on that
14:49:28 [mjkoster]
ack mjkoster
14:49:56 [kaz]
i/which task forces/kaz: from my viewpoint, Darko's "TD Recipe" is kind of high-level abstraction of Management Thing APIs./
15:00:41 [DanhLePhuoc]
15:03:31 [kaz]
kaz: Darko, are you planning to collaborate with TD guys and Management Thing guys?
15:03:58 [kaz]
darko: yes, would like to generate some proposal and bring that to the main call, e.g., maybe the week after.
15:04:03 [kaz]
[ adjourned ]
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Meeting: WoT IG - TF-LD
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Chair: Darko
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