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15:05:19 [Ian]
Meeting: Digital Offers CG
15:05:22 [Ian]
Chair: DavidE
15:05:24 [Ian]
Scribe: Ian
15:05:27 [Ian]
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Topic: Recent progress
15:07:55 [Ian]
IJ: Would you be able to share your recent conversations
15:08:29 [Ian]
15:08:34 [Ian]
* Steven Goforth, Inmar
15:09:07 [Ian]
(IJ had spoken with CardLinx)
15:10:30 [Ian]
...steven has answered the questionnaire and is working with others at Inmar to get feedback.
15:10:33 [Ian]
* Jean-Yves Rossie
15:10:36 [Ian]
15:11:26 [Ian]
...he is looking for someone from his team to participate in this effort
15:11:36 [Ian]
* Bob Burke, Coupon Media
15:11:51 [Ian] including Leslie Springer
15:12:50 [Ian]
15:13:23 [Ian]
....Leslie and Bob were filling out questionnaire
15:13:45 [Ian]
Leslie: I spoke with Hubert Williams
15:13:55 [Ian]
....about disseminating information within Maverik
15:14:08 [Ian]
...and introducing the survey to on the conexxus call tomorrow
15:14:30 [Ian]
dezell: I am also planning to speak with Jenny Bullard
15:15:17 [Ian]
dezell: Linda was also planning to speak with Lauri Martin (who has joined the CG; Coca Cola)
15:15:36 [Ian]
15:15:43 [dezell]
ack Ian
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15:15:52 [Ian]
IJ: I spoke with Leif Baradoy
15:16:01 [Ian]
(from lightrail)
15:18:56 [Ian]
IJ: Interesting discussion about stored value interoperability. I plan to continue to work with leif (who is not able to attend this call but in the CG)
15:20:51 [Ian]
IJ: I am also trying to loop Apple back into the conversation
15:21:06 [Ian]
Leslie: I can put you in touch with people on the fuel
15:23:14 [dezell]
15:23:25 [dezell]
15:23:57 [Ian]
15:24:30 [Ian]
dezell: At there has been some work on creating a digital offers vocabulary
15:24:58 [Ian]
15:25:55 [Ian]
ack me
15:26:09 [Ian]
IJ: I thought there was not traction at the IG to take up vocabulary work.
15:26:16 [Ian]
..I do think it's useful to be aware of other efforts.
15:27:01 [Ian]
leslie: We had to constantly clarify in another group the difference between a digital offer and a coupon...
15:27:14 [Ian]
...I think some clarity about what a digital offer is would be beneficial to the conexxus group
15:30:02 [Ian]
IJ: Do you think we should be working on a vocabulary or is this just a heads-up?
15:30:08 [Ian]
dezell: I am not sure whether we should or should not
15:31:40 [Ian]
IJ: I don't think we need a lot of discussion of this yet since we don't know what problem we want to prioritize solving.
15:32:18 [Ian]
dezell: it also helps people to understand what they are not doing
15:32:36 [Ian]
Topic: Metrics
15:33:00 [Ian]
15:34:00 [Ian]
dezell: Metrics may be an important set of use case
15:36:24 [Ian]
15:37:29 [dezell]
15:38:12 [Ian]
IJ: Metrics does not feel like a use case to me. Rather, a property of a solution to a user flow use case.
15:38:15 [Ian]
ack dezell
15:38:38 [Ian]
dezell: If I am a merchant, I want to know how many people my offer "resonated" with
15:39:15 [Ian]
...important to know about more than just redemption rates.
15:39:42 [Ian]
Topic: Next meeting
15:40:02 [bob]
15:40:07 [Ian]
dezell: Please pencil in 10 July
15:40:14 [Ian]
ack bob
15:40:49 [Ian]
bob: I am not sure how to integrate metrics into the use cases...but it is important how the user interacts with the offer
15:41:09 [Ian]
...whether they are derived requirements or non-functional requirements, you need to account for them.
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