Spatial Data on the Web Working Group Teleconference

14 June 2017

Meeting Minutes

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patent call https://‌www.w3.org/‌2015/‌spatial/‌wiki/‌Patent_Call

[Armin goes through the usual patent call notice]

Armin: Light agenda today. Status update, and then uptake of the SOSA work in schema.org.
… Dan Brickley would like some explicit indication from the group that the group is OK.

Coverage sub-group progress

Bill: 3 deliverables that we've been working on. They are all pretty much in the final state.
… QB4ST, I made a couple of minor edits to that today.
… A couple of minor issues, on Rob's plate.
… I'm sure we can address them by tomorrow.
… The EOQB is now I think complete.
… The CoverageJSON document, we've done quite a lot of work in the last couple of weeks.
… Close to being finalized. One remaining issue from Jon.
… Jon wrote a short section that discusses relation between CoverageJSON and OGC Time series ML standard.
… Who would you think would be the right person to ask to review that part?

Armin: That's a good question. Simon does not seem online, he's the one I would have thought about.

Bill: I'm happy to approach him through the mailing-list.

ScottSimmons: I recommend talking to Chris Little. Time-centric guy and expert in coverages as well.

Bill: OK, very useful tip, thanks. I'll email him tomorrow.
… Assuming that Chris is willing to do that, then there is a little bit of work remaining to do on CoverageJSON to take it to a final state.
… What do we then need to do to each of these documents to formalize the publishing of the final version of these?

Francois: Essentially, I need a WG resolution for each of these docs that states that the group is OK with publication as final WG Note, and then I can proceed.
… Publication can happen last week of June.
… Resolution should be through a Call for Consensus on the mailing-list.

Best Practices subgroup

Francois: I'll get in touch with Jeremy and Linda about the doc. Same thing, publication as final WG Note would need a WG resolution.

time subgroup

Armin: Simon is not around.

Francois: Published as a CR on W3C side. Needs to stay in CR until beginning of July. Then it all depends on the completion of the implementation report.

Scott: On the OGC side, we're working on the process to follow. That should work out just well in the end.

SSN subgroup

Armin: We'll have another 2 calls. We're still adding examples. Interesting discussions with people implementation IoT actuation through REST APIs.
… Some pending PR on our side to add actuation examples, to query the state, etc.
… Otherwise, no change to the document, apart from updating figures.
… We had a couple of discussions around a couple of axioms that could pose some problems.
… We had some discussions among editors, but figured out this was not an issue.
… Only one inverse property axiom that needs to be deleted, on-going PR to do that.
… That would be a change to the ontology, but to remove a property, not to cause some unwanted entailment.
… That's the only thing which changed in the normative part.
… The i18n group is reviewing the doc, which prevents publication as CR

Francois: Will check i18n review status. We should have done that before. No big deal about the minor normative change provided the group is aware of it.

<ahaller2_> http://‌w3c.github.io/‌sdw/‌ssn-usage/

Armin: I'll warn the group. We're also making progress on recording implementation evidence.
… We may still have issues around system capabilities. Identified as feature at risk.
… We probably won't have implementation evidence for that, but that should not be a problem given the exit criteria and at risk features.

Francois: [reminds everyone of end of June deadline and need to show as complete an implementation report as possible by then]

Vote on Endorsement of SOSA for Schema.org adoption

Armin: Goal is to take SOSA core, lightweight ontology in the SSN subgroup, which was always intended to be schema.org friendly, and adopt it in schema.org.
… Dan Brickely wants us as a Working Group to endorse him to do that (due to previous frictions in similar cases)
… Within the SSN subgroup, we have no issue with that.
… But we wanted to raise that in the plenary.

KJanowic: If I understand correctly the tricky part here is that we're working on a W3C/OGC standard, and schema.org is de facto standards, and it would be odd to see the standard work "forked".
… What's important to point out is that this is not a fork, but an endorsement of our work.

Bill: I support the idea. If we have two copies of more or less the same thing, risk of having things diverge may exist, but I think it's minimal in this case.
… It's a very positive thing.
… I would give my support to schema.org endorsing this work.
… It's the best thing for sensing data.

<KJanowic> The point was that we should give Dan the endorsement and work with him to ensure that this is not a fork. SOSA was developed with schema.org in mind

Francois: Do we know already if schema.org is going to make changes to the ontology?

Armin: That's still to be discussed. We can't anticipate what things they may want to drop or extend.

KJanowic: I think the email was triggered by DCAT people not being happy about the forking in schema.org.
… For the moment, we should just push for that adoption.

Armin: Taking up SOSA would also be implementation evidence.
… Something very useful

<KJanowic> schema.org is a great chance for SOSA (and the other way around)

Francois: Just wondering whether changes made by schema.org could mean that we haven't done our job properly with SOSA for instance.

Armin: That's basically how things work with ontologies. I don't think this would be an issue.
… Changes would not be an indication that we did something wrong.

KJanowic: Let me just add that I'm sure they won't use everything directly, because they have a different audience, and need to be conservative.
… Also, for consistency with their naming conventions, they may come up with different names. That's perfectly fine as well.
… That's why I think it's important to work with Dan.
… We should be on the train to be able to influence that work.

Armin: I would like to run a proposal here

<ahaller2_> PROPOSED: Group endorses SOSA being taken up by schema.org

<ahaller2_> +1

<billroberts> +1


<kJanowic_> +1

<ScottSimmons> +1

Resolved: Group endorses SOSA being taken up by schema.org

Armin: I will point that resolution to the group on the mailing-list so that people can express support or disagree.

Armin: AOB?

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Summary of Resolutions

  1. Group endorses SOSA being taken up by schema.org
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