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logging to
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Zakim, this will be SDW
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ok, trackbot
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Meeting: Spatial Data on the Web Working Group Teleconference
19:59:31 [trackbot]
Date: 13 June 2017
19:59:54 [aharth]
is the webex online already?
20:00:59 [ahaller2]
20:01:08 [ahaller2]
use that one
20:01:15 [aharth]
20:02:23 [aharth]
meeting has not started yet
20:02:32 [aharth]
access code 646 395 055
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20:03:34 [mlefranc]
same problem ?
20:04:01 [ahaller2]
yeah, same problem as last week
20:04:50 [mlefranc]
let's try rendez-vous today ?
20:04:56 [mlefranc]
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20:05:29 [KJanowic]
Is the WebeX not set up correctly or is it just me?
20:05:45 [KJanowic]
20:06:08 [ahaller2]
no, as usual, not working
20:06:14 [ahaller2]
20:06:16 [mlefranc]
Jano, try this:
20:07:14 [KJanowic]
The interface is in French :-)
20:07:23 [mlefranc]
French people love French
20:07:27 [KJanowic]
But I guess I can figure it out by the symbols
20:07:47 [aharth]
hammer & sichel
20:07:53 [aharth]
then choose anglais
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20:09:46 [KJanowic]
20:11:24 [KJanowic]
Ready to go?I have to leave at 2pm (i.e., in 45min)
20:16:51 [ahaller2]
next agendum
20:17:29 [ahaller2]
scribe: DanhLePhuoc
20:17:33 [ahaller2]
scribenick: DanhLePhuoc
20:18:06 [mlefranc]
next topic
20:18:07 [ahaller2]
next topic
20:18:21 [ahaller2]
topic: Approving last meeting's minutes
20:18:30 [ahaller2]
20:18:31 [mlefranc]
20:18:33 [KJanowic]
20:18:34 [ahaller2]
20:19:13 [ahaller2]
topic: patent call
20:19:34 [ahaller2]
topic: Decide on Pull Request #916 - Reject?
20:19:46 [ahaller2]
20:20:44 [DanhLePhuoc]
PR #916 is on relaxing axioms, there were some disscusions among editors
20:20:45 [mlefranc]
20:21:03 [DanhLePhuoc]
Armin rejected the PR
20:21:49 [KJanowic]
20:21:53 [KJanowic]
and rightfully so
20:22:46 [ahaller2]
20:23:38 [DanhLePhuoc]
mlefranc: there might be a problem with strict axioms related to ssn:isPropertyOf a owl:FunctionalProperty and ssn:hasProperty a owl:InverseFunctionalProperty... as mentioned in the PR's discusions
20:24:09 [ahaller2]
ack KJanowic
20:24:50 [mlefranc]
20:24:58 [DanhLePhuoc]
KJanowic: I stand by the arguments that Simon and I made in the PR's discussion
20:25:09 [ahaller2]
20:25:51 [ahaller2]
ack mlefranc
20:26:07 [DanhLePhuoc]
KJanowic: I recommend not to touch current stage as It still holds in most of the case
20:26:24 [KJanowic]
20:26:47 [DanhLePhuoc]
mlefranc: we need to relax the axiom ssn:isPropertyOf a owl:FunctionalProperty
20:27:13 [ahaller2]
ack KJanowic
20:27:56 [mlefranc]
20:28:13 [DanhLePhuoc]
KJanowic: the relaxed case can be still done with SOSA
20:28:25 [ahaller2]
ack mlefranc
20:29:09 [KJanowic]
20:29:27 [ahaller2]
ack KJanowic
20:30:05 [mlefranc]
20:30:30 [ahaller2]
ack mlefranc
20:30:59 [DanhLePhuoc]
mlefranc: the ssn:isPropertyOf a owl:FunctionalProperty will lead to reasoning effect : two features of interest will be same if they are linked to the same property
20:32:37 [ahaller2]
ACTION: mlefranc to remove ssn:isPropertyOf a owl:FunctionalProperty
20:32:45 [trackbot]
Error creating an ACTION: could not connect to Tracker. Please mail <> with details about what happened.
20:33:32 [mlefranc]
ACTION on mlefranc to remove ssn:isPropertyOf a owl:FunctionalProperty
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20:33:40 [mlefranc]
ACTION mlefranc to remove ssn:isPropertyOf a owl:FunctionalProperty
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20:34:12 [ahaller2]
topic: Progress on Action-362 - Transferring example from to WD
20:35:52 [DanhLePhuoc]
KJanowic: I can have it ready when mlefranc issues the PR
20:36:17 [mlefranc]
20:37:15 [ahaller2]
topic: Progress on Finalising Pull Request #912, fixes to DUL Alignment
20:37:57 [ahaller2]
20:38:08 [KJanowic]
20:38:49 [DanhLePhuoc]
KJanowic: the change is in PR # 923
20:39:11 [KJanowic]
"Requested bug fixes to correct the SSN/SOSA alignment to DUL"
20:39:51 [ahaller2]
topic: Progress on ISSUE-198 - Actuator and Sampler not in Figure 2/3
20:39:54 [DanhLePhuoc]
ahaller2: we can close AC on PR #912
20:40:12 [KJanowic]
20:40:35 [DanhLePhuoc]
ahaller2: Raul updated some new figures
20:40:53 [DanhLePhuoc]
KJanowic: but I don't see the changes in the documents
20:41:10 [ahaller2]
20:41:13 [ahaller2]
ack mlefranc
20:41:17 [DanhLePhuoc]
present+ DanhLePhuoc
20:42:13 [ahaller2]
ack KJanowic
20:43:23 [ahaller2]
topic: IoT device example that was sent over email
20:45:41 [mlefranc]
see email Draft for an answer to Tobias's comment at public-sdw-comments
20:46:01 [aharth]
20:46:11 [ahaller2]
ack aharth
20:48:21 [mlefranc]
20:50:47 [KJanowic]
20:50:49 [ahaller2]
ack mlefranc
20:51:34 [aharth]
the light has a uri: <http://localhost/light>
20:51:47 [aharth]
GET on <http://localhost/light> returns "true" (in RDF)
20:51:58 [KJanowic]
This seems confusing results, FOI, and observedProperties
20:52:07 [aharth]
PUT "false" (in RDF) to <http://localhost/light> would switch the light off
20:52:07 [KJanowic]
We have this
20:53:05 [ahaller2]
20:53:09 [ahaller2]
ack KJanowic
20:54:19 [mlefranc]
20:54:20 [DanhLePhuoc]
20:54:21 [ahaller2]
20:54:25 [ahaller2]
ack mlefranc
20:54:28 [mlefranc]
20:54:33 [ahaller2]
ack DanhLePhuoc
20:55:23 [mlefranc]
20:55:26 [KJanowic]
20:55:56 [aharth]
20:56:05 [KJanowic]
Very important remark by Danh, observations are about the past
20:56:27 [KJanowic]
20:57:24 [ahaller2]
ack mlefranc
20:58:33 [KJanowic]
20:59:47 [DanhLePhuoc]
20:59:52 [ahaller2]
ack KJanowic
21:01:41 [ahaller2]
ack aharth
21:01:44 [DanhLePhuoc]
21:02:08 [KJanowic]
21:03:28 [ahaller2]
ack KJanowic
21:04:17 [ahaller2]
21:04:31 [ahaller2]
21:04:37 [aharth]
ahaller2: example written out on github
21:04:38 [aharth]
21:05:41 [mlefranc]
21:05:47 [KJanowic]
21:05:49 [mlefranc]
please edit this wikipage
21:06:08 [KJanowic]
[I have to drop out now]
21:06:18 [KJanowic]
Thanks for the Example Tobias/Andreas!
21:06:22 [DanhLePhuoc]
aharth: we will move the discussion in the wiki page, and refer it in the mailling list
21:06:31 [KJanowic]
21:06:56 [KJanowic]
fine with me but I will not be there
21:07:00 [KJanowic]
21:07:06 [ahaller2]
ack KJanowic
21:08:43 [ahaller2]
ACTION: ahaller to send around meeting time proposals for next week
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21:08:52 [ahaller2]
ACTION: armin to send around meeting time proposals for next week
21:08:53 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-378 - Send around meeting time proposals for next week [on Armin Haller - due 2017-06-20].
21:09:24 [ahaller2]
topic: Work plan for SSN-Usage note, documenting implementation evidence
21:10:04 [ahaller2]
21:10:53 [mlefranc]
21:11:14 [DanhLePhuoc]
the SSN-Usage is the living document for updating in next few weeks
21:11:23 [ahaller2]
ack mlefranc
21:12:06 [ahaller2]
21:12:34 [ahaller2]
ack mlefranc
21:14:19 [mlefranc]
21:14:46 [ahaller2]
ack ahaller
21:14:48 [ahaller2]
ack mlefranc
21:16:03 [mlefranc]
working on an implementation for
21:17:18 [DanhLePhuoc]
ontology publisher and ontology instantiations can be counted as producers
21:17:22 [ahaller2]
21:17:33 [ahaller2]
ack ahaller
21:19:51 [ahaller2]
21:22:32 [ahaller2]
21:23:12 [ahaller2]
21:23:42 [ahaller2]
thanks, bye
21:24:02 [mlefranc]
thanks !
21:24:03 [ahaller2]
RRSAgent, make logs public
21:24:06 [DanhLePhuoc]
21:24:11 [ahaller2]
RRSAgent, draft minutes
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I have made the request to generate ahaller2
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