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Meeting: Tracking Protection Working Group Teleconference
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Date: 05 June 2017
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present+ schunter
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anyone scribing?
16:07:23 [fielding]
scribe: aleecia
16:07:38 [aleecia]
16:07:46 [fielding]
chair: schunter
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16:07:59 [aleecia]
schunter: call for objections
16:08:18 [aleecia]
… holiday in some parts of EU but going through text proposals. Mike proposed
16:08:27 [schunter]
16:08:55 [aleecia]
… in this we have two issues basically done, one is 22 is under call for objections
16:09:21 [aleecia]
mikeoneill: edited the draft, in github. promises are in there.
16:09:27 [schunter]
16:09:35 [aleecia]
… amended to fix a bug to return array for site-wide consent
16:09:54 [aleecia]
… browser can decide to only support site-wide consent, return it in an object
16:10:02 [aleecia]
schunter: can we look at it?
16:10:09 [aleecia]
mikeoneill: up on the list,
16:10:53 [aleecia]
… also support Aleecia’s view on “should” for policy link, that’s the thread, and continue to site-wide exceptions
16:11:36 [fielding]
16:11:41 [aleecia]
(scribe plugs in laptop while others hunt for text to discuss)
16:11:58 [aleecia]
(thanks, Roy!)
16:12:10 [fielding]
16:12:33 [aleecia]
mikeoneill: needs to return a value, resolves to an object, trackingprotectionresults.
16:12:44 [aleecia]
… also did same thing for confirm to make it the same :-)
16:13:13 [aleecia]
… confirm & restore return: bools site wide, exists
16:13:38 [aleecia]
… before was just the promise with a bool, now both are an object so it’s the same and you don’t have to implement two things
16:13:51 [aleecia]
… resolves to an object or returns a syntax error.
16:14:01 [aleecia]
… site-wide set to true if the exception is site-wide
16:14:20 [aleecia]
fielding: normally would require API name if you change the API
16:14:44 [aleecia]
… still using the same API names for the published prior — change the names
16:14:59 [aleecia]
mikeoneill: good idea
16:15:08 [aleecia]
… shorter names would be good
16:15:21 [aleecia]
fielding: just need to decide to change them
16:15:32 [aleecia]
mikeoneill: sure, will come up with short names by next week
16:15:53 [aleecia]
schunter: agrees on shorter new names
16:16:13 [aleecia]
mikeoneill: used to be derived from common object, now sep
16:16:35 [aleecia]
… some disadvantages put a link up, like David Singer suggested consent in batches.
16:16:48 [aleecia]
… wouldn’t have to match them with the confirm if you don’t have the same objects
16:17:05 [aleecia]
… there’s no explaination string and site name
16:17:18 [aleecia]
fielding: saw the thread, wasn’t sure
16:17:33 [aleecia]
… there was one where the store tracking exception was responding with -
16:18:23 [aleecia]
mikeoneill: the dictionary, the property bag, they’re just sep but before, on the main list, it’s derived from a common property bag with common properties. before they all had a site name, property string, detail URI and all that
16:18:44 [aleecia]
… just pointing that out. not wrong to do it this way, but affects what David Singer was saying on batches of exceptions
16:19:00 [aleecia]
… might be better to have it the old way
16:19:55 [aleecia]
aleecia: David’s point could be really important with dynamic partnerships on ads
16:20:17 [aleecia]
mikeoneill: could also say “these are analytics” and batch by purpose
16:20:25 [aleecia]
… user could revoke by purpose
16:20:34 [aleecia]
… better granularity
16:20:46 [aleecia]
… if we don’t have detail URI & explaination string, can’t match them up
16:21:03 [aleecia]
fielding: understand you could theoretically do that but there’s nothing in the spec that mentions this
16:21:27 [aleecia]
mikeoneill: don’t have the fields any more
16:21:49 [aleecia]
fielding: right, because it didn’t make any sense. if we want them in, we need to add text to say what they’re for, and use them
16:21:57 [aleecia]
… fine to have it but needs explaination
16:22:12 [aleecia]
mikeoneill: could use Dave Singer in this discussion
16:22:26 [aleecia]
schunter: please send email to David
16:22:30 [aleecia]
mikeoneill: will do
16:22:38 [aleecia]
schunter: new topic
16:23:05 [aleecia]
… 2nd topic, must have a TSR
16:23:11 [aleecia]
mikeoneill: did that, done
16:23:22 [aleecia]
schunter: everyone’s fine with the update and we’re done?
16:23:32 [aleecia]
fielding: change granted to requested?
16:23:36 [aleecia]
mikeoneill: yes
16:23:40 [fielding]
16:23:43 [aleecia]
16:24:07 [aleecia]
(appears to literally change the word “granted” to “requested”)
16:24:30 [aleecia]
schunter: seems done, now we’re waiting for comments on call for objection. once done, ready to publish CR
16:24:37 [aleecia]
… any other steps we need?
16:24:58 [aleecia]
fielding: we’re changing the API, so have to go to working draft or last call, then request a new CR
16:25:10 [aleecia]
schunter: believe that has changed now
16:25:19 [aleecia]
fielding: ok, process is changed, not sure
16:25:36 [aleecia]
schunter: anything else?
16:25:55 [aleecia]
… how about a diff or wait until the end
16:26:08 [aleecia]
… will be on holiday in june, so want to push it out so we don’t lose a month
16:26:15 [aleecia]
fielding: last diff is basically it
16:26:29 [aleecia]
schunter: appreciate after the API changes, then another diff
16:27:02 [aleecia]
mikeoneill: site-specific tracking isn’t as pretty so something’s not right, will work on formatting too
16:27:29 [aleecia]
fielding: will look at it, but going to London & Paris. might have time in transit
16:27:36 [aleecia]
schunter: thanks a lot!
16:27:58 [aleecia]
… all from me, will ask W3C staff for any final actions, will wait for Roy’s link for next version
16:28:14 [aleecia]
… will look for call for objections comments
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zakim, list attendees
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