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present+ Kaz_Ashimura, Barry_Leiba, Kris_Borchers, Kunihiko_Toumura, Michael_Koster, Michael_McCool, Tomoaki_Mizushima
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12:04:22 [kaz]
Chair: McCool
12:04:44 [kaz]
mm: many people are on vacation this week
12:04:50 [kaz]
... but would give some update
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scribenick: mjkoster
12:05:37 [barryleiba]
(Michael Koster, please reply to the IANA message about CoAp Option Numbers)
12:05:38 [kaz]
scribe: Michael_Koster
12:05:52 [mjkoster]
Agenda approved
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12:06:09 [kaz]
12:06:25 [mjkoster]
Liaison TF ans Linked Data TF met this week
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12:06:35 [kaz]
s/Liaison/OCF Liaison/
12:06:47 [kaz]
12:07:10 [mjkoster]
mccool: working on demo for dusseldorf based on OCF Smart Home demo
12:07:37 [kaz]
present+ Katsuyoshi_Naka, Masato_Ohura, Takeshi_Yamada
12:07:48 [mjkoster]
mccool: layering node-wot on iotivity-node
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12:08:27 [mjkoster]
mccool: working on OCF data model description in a friendly format
12:08:37 [kaz]
-> OCF Liaison TF wiki
12:09:01 [kaz]
s/Linked Data TF/Scripting TF/
12:09:03 [mjkoster]
zoltan: scripting TF summary
12:09:45 [mjkoster]
zoltan: follow up from Osaka F2F, architecture diagram refinement
12:10:00 [kaz]
-> Johannes's summary
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12:10:21 [mjkoster]
zoltan: discussion of container security (for running scripts)
12:10:36 [yingying]
present+ Yingying_Chen
12:10:43 [mjkoster]
zoltan: protocol bindings may need to be isolated
12:10:55 [mjkoster]
zoltan: no changes to the API
12:12:02 [mjkoster]
zoltan: need hardware support for the best security
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rrsagent, make log public
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12:13:50 [kaz]
12:14:36 [mjkoster]
mccool: may not support running scripts in harware that doesn't have security support
12:14:53 [nwidell]
present+ Niklas_Widell
12:15:10 [mjkoster]
mccool: don't lose track of this thread, create a github issue for it
12:15:12 [kaz]
present+ Johannes_Hund
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12:15:45 [kaz]
ack k
12:15:55 [mjkoster]
mccool: security-based constraints on architecture - limit the feature set wrt hw security support
12:16:33 [mjkoster]
zoltan: will file an issue on implementation recommendations
12:17:02 [kaz]
i|don't lose|kaz: do we want to feedback our discussion/requirements for the architecture to the architecture draft itself?|
12:17:29 [kaz]
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12:17:32 [mjkoster]
darko: linked data TF report
12:17:51 [kaz]
rrsagent, draft niutes
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12:17:57 [mjkoster]
darko: want to participate in the dusseldorf PF
12:17:59 [kaz]
rrsagent, draft minutes
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12:18:04 [kaz]
s/rrsagent, draft niutes//
12:18:30 [kaz]
present+ Kazuaki_Nimura
12:18:39 [mjkoster]
darko: 3 workstreams: LD for WoT applications and semantic model for cross-ecosystem discovery
12:18:57 [kaz]
meeting: WoT IG/WG
12:19:02 [mjkoster]
darko: starting with OCF and an interoperability client that reads semantic descriptions
12:19:25 [mjkoster]
darko: 2. work on recipes that are TD based
12:19:33 [kaz]
i/working on demo/topic: OCF Liaison TF/
12:19:46 [mjkoster]
darko: 3. semantic processing for WoT, starting with validation
12:19:49 [kaz]
i/scripting TF summary/topic: Scripting TF/
12:20:03 [kaz]
i/linked data TF report/topic: LD TF/
12:20:07 [kaz]
rrsagent, draft minutes
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12:20:09 [mjkoster]
darko: also could demonstrate enhanced discovery using semantic processing
12:20:50 [mjkoster]
darko: could demonstrate reasoning in discovery based on descriptive constraints
12:21:03 [mjkoster]
(hope I capture it properly)
12:22:03 [mjkoster]
mccool: OCF input will be provided from mccool and mjkoster
12:22:08 [kaz]
-> TF-LD minutes
12:22:37 [kaz]
12:23:06 [kaz]
topic: TD TF
12:23:39 [mjkoster]
daniel: thing description TF report
12:23:50 [mjkoster]
daniel: working on serialization formats
12:23:57 [mjkoster]
daniel: text and binary
12:24:14 [kaz]
-> Sebastian's summary
12:24:35 [mjkoster]
daniel: they need examples of practical TD files for analysis, please send them or publish them
12:25:31 [mjkoster]
mccool: we should keep and archive TDs that have been contributed
12:25:59 [mjkoster]
daniel: dsr working on JSON examples of TD serialization
12:27:21 [mjkoster]
kaz: publish each TD specification after the F2F as a working draft along with examples
12:27:27 [dape]
12:27:29 [kaz]
s/publish/we can publish/
12:27:54 [kaz]
s/with examples/as well as the Current Practices document/
12:28:57 [mjkoster]
kaz: maybe the IG can publich implementation notes and the WG can publish working drafts
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12:29:21 [kaz]
s/implementation notes/the current practices document as an IG Note/
12:29:21 [mjkoster]
zoltan: need binding templates
12:29:41 [kaz]
s/WG can publish/WG can publish TD snapshots as/
12:30:33 [mjkoster]
kaz: we can start another repo for binding template draft
12:30:52 [McCool]
12:30:56 [McCool]
12:30:59 [mjkoster]
zoltan: there is a place in the TD repos for bindings now
12:31:00 [McCool]
12:31:31 [mjkoster]
mccool: propose making a repo under TD
12:32:11 [mjkoster]
mccool: a sub-directory
12:32:42 [dape]
12:32:44 [mjkoster]
johannes: need to develop the agreement about what information is needed
12:32:45 [kaz]
s/making a repo/a subdirectory/
12:33:01 [kaz]
s/a subdirectory/making a subdirectory/
12:33:03 [mjkoster]
johannes: need one example of a current TD
12:33:09 [kaz]
12:33:31 [McCool]
12:33:39 [kaz]
ack dape
12:33:45 [dape]
12:36:19 [mjkoster]
daniel: on which level is the protocol binding expected to be ?
12:36:50 [mjkoster]
mccool: can mjkoster make a PR that clarifies this question?
12:37:01 [kaz]
12:38:35 [mjkoster]
mjkoster: describe WoT implicit bindings vs. adaptation layer bindings like OCF
12:39:23 [mjkoster]
mccool: evolve the binding toward specification
12:40:30 [McCool]
12:40:37 [kaz]
kaz: mjkoster, do you want to proceed with binding discussion as part of the TD TF?
12:40:37 [kaz]
ack k
12:40:53 [mjkoster]
mjkoster: keep the discussion with TD
12:41:06 [mjkoster]
mccool: but where does the discussion take place?
12:41:35 [mjkoster]
mccool: start by getting TD hashed out and written down
12:42:40 [mjkoster]
mccool: we could start as a sub-document of TD
12:42:57 [kaz]
topic: Dusseldorf f2f
12:43:13 [kaz]
->,_9-13_July_2017,_D%C3%BCsseldorf,_Germany f2f wiki
12:43:37 [kaz]
-> registration
12:43:51 [mjkoster]
mccool: register by June 12
12:46:19 [mjkoster]
mccool: shpuld have hotel info soon
12:46:26 [kaz]
mccool: also please add topics for the meeting on the wiki
12:46:35 [kaz]
12:47:17 [kaz]
topic: AOB
12:47:58 [kaz]
jh: won't make the next Scripting meeting on June 5
12:48:03 [mjkoster]
johannes: reschedule to Monday the 12th
12:48:22 [kaz]
i/johannes:/zk: asks about security discussion/
12:49:05 [mjkoster]
zoltan: what are next steps for specification of the TD elements of a protocol binding for OCF
12:49:33 [mjkoster]
mccool: create a PR for the example and start describing
12:49:41 [kaz]
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12:52:38 [mjkoster]
mccool: reuse the OCF liaison call to work on the protocol binding examples
12:52:59 [kaz]
i/mccool:/kaz: which slot to be used for that discussion?/
12:53:03 [mjkoster]
mccool: could we have items to review by the next meeting?
12:54:16 [mjkoster]
mccool: first PF by the TD meeting on Friday?
12:54:29 [mjkoster]
12:54:40 [kaz]
s/Friday/Friday, June 2/
12:54:50 [kaz]
12:55:28 [mjkoster]
mccool: adjourn
12:55:31 [barryleiba]
12:55:43 [kaz]
rrsagent, draft minutes
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rrsagent, draft minutes
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